chap goh meh

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Ok so today's supposedly the end of Chinese New Year, & so am i back to school.
"SCHOOL"... Yeah such word it's just simply the best to describe my five-year-environment (though the intern year feels much better). The class teacher still sits in class to mark attendance every morning, and give out warning that those who skipped 1/3 of the lecture time is disqualified from sitting the paper. Betul-betul "wan kat" punya orang.

Ok, enough of ramble. Throw the annoying stuff aside, let's celebrate~ But what is there to celebrate? Find a river & throw oranges? (*though i think i might need to start consider to do so IF the myth of "finding a soulmate" is true*) I'm pretty sure there's no river around my area other than the Bund in which i seriously think you'll get a fine ticket for littering.

flashback 去年的chap goh meh我干了些什么呢?——去年的这个时候我在肾脏科,基本上也没干什么特别的。当时有个叫Joshua的美国交换生,当天他中午就到了豫园拍了很多照后,接着在那儿等朋友等了一会儿,结果他朋友爽约了。后来晚餐时分他打电话给我(还是我打给他?忘了...)反正后来我就带他去吃辣肉面。

窗外的天空烟花声从昨晚就开始放到现在还在响,估计还会继续一整夜吧... *开始有点不耐烦了*

愿有情人们今天过个快乐的农历情人节;单身贵族们过个快乐的chap goh meh吧,新年结束后,新年新希望~*也祝那些希望有个伴的明年愿望实现咯*

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