Despicable Me

As most cartoon lovers will realised there's a very cute cartoon coming up with lotsa cute minions... & they're seriously VERY CUTE~~!! Yup, the movie is called "Despicable Me"

So with the coming up of this movie, United International Pictures Malaysia is giving away premier tickets jsut by taking a video of your young one(s) aged below 9 years old saying ‘Despicable Me’!

So I took a video of my couzie saying that phrase...

Ain't he natural? There was a bettter, cuter version but then the background voice & all were too disturbing thus this is Take 2... and he went naturally crazy... =.=

















常日呆在家里的代价就是得承载着大家的无名火和怨气... 而自己则无处宣泄... 哎





我很喜歡後半段:成為全國首富! 哈哈哈….當然我本人不強求成為首富,不過只要有這百分之一的有錢我都已經很滿足 XD

你的人生又是怎样? 自己去玩一下!


Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

Project Alpha Season 2 has come to an end with its 49 episodes + one  bonus video, which has been uploaded on youtube & projectalpha site.

Wow… You don't feel it by catching one episode a day and 7 weeks just passed like that! ! *sweat*

Anyhow, everything comes to an end & there ought to be a summary. To me, of all the 7 bloggers featured (excluding the reunion trip of bloggers PA1 to Kuching), the best bits moment in PA2 is the bloggers' trip to Tambum Wildlife!!

I mean, the last time I've been to Tambun was before the Wildlife is opened, how long ago was that! Their trip really give me to crave to visit Tambun again and look at all the animals... *Too bad I don't think anyone of us randomly can get as close to the animals like KY & ShaolinTiger* Oh how thrilling!

Ninie Ahmad, a very dedicated yoga teacher, whom I only got to know through Project Alpha's video (though I saw her at PA2 bloggers launch). All these while I knew Yoga is good for health, is a good source of meditation and all but what I didn't know is that it actually has different types and stages! All the headstand and all... Simply WOW.. I seriously believe now that the things that seems easiest might not be the easiest way after all! *Should I learn yoga? *

I also love Niki Cheong's trip to London to meet Xiaxue. Oh London! Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Eye, etc... Oh Borough Market, how tempting!!!

Other than the cool lifestyles & attitude the bloggers showed, they actually gave some really useful grooming tips, how do you think all of them look so good anyway? Grooming is IMPORTANT! *and Cheeserland made it clear for us that photoshop is an essence to help you gain blog traffic~ So start enlarging your eyes~? * XD

Other than their special individuality, it's amazing to see these featured bloggers actually have such strong bondage with one another!

Azwan Ali, the diva whom apparently has a style of his own with his blog entries using ALL CAPS LOCK! Wow… I haven't seen his blog before but I doubt I'll read it often after seeing this. But then again, from his PA interview, I learn one thing that it's important to have a style of your own. Just go for it :)

Last but not least, Joe Lee bringing you the insights of Akademi Fantasia...

So that's all for now, looking forward for Project Alpha Season 3~! Whee~~

If you can't get enough of online videos of PA2, you can also tune in to Astro Hitz Channel 705 every Sunday at 10PM~ Yes, Project Alpha is on Astro!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.