After 'hibernating' for few days, lazy to go down all the way to KL to meet up with some friends.... I finally moved my butt! Just to give some face to the long-time-never-see-friend, Sadesh! Oh, just a brief intro.... He's one of my A-level classmate whom flee to Australis in the middle of the course for engineering!

He's back for the holidays, apparently. Anyway, he asked me to meet up once for Spiderman-2 with some other friends but... Haha, since i'm really is a lazy-bump & I was a little sick back then, I rejected his invitation. Anyway, since he's flying back to Aus this Saturday, Ok... just be nice for once... haha....

Woke up quite early today, which was quite miraculous for days like these.........
Went all the way down to KL with my sister (another miracle!!! Cos I don't normally take her when i'm out to meet my friends).
The few of us went for bowling in Ampang. Anyway, I suck in it... Anyhow, (i'm trying to convince myself....) my sister whom NEVER play bowling before scored higher than me due to beginner's luck..

Aih... never mind lah... Just remind myself not to ever go with amateur & beginners..Haha.... (then who should I go with? that's a good Q....)



I've been home the whole day. Apart from there, being a driver is the other activity i did.

Anyhow, tomorrow I'm suppose to lead games in cell group but.... I'm still lost of what games to play!

The last time I 'lead' any games was years back and..... Aih... I just don't know.... Puzzled... I thought it'll be quite easy when I said "ok" to Stacey...

Been asking friends for opinions & ideas for days yet I haven't decide what to play!

Brain-warming ice-breaker is easy.. Or I THINK it'll be easier (cos I like barin-puzzle ) but GAMES?! It should be FUN! And i don't think I can turn up with any....

Hope that God will warm up the atmosphere even if my games suck lah....



This afternoon when i'm having lunch with my friend somewhere in Subang, I received a call from my sister. She asked whether I want to go for an autograph session by F.I.R. in Klang Parade tonight.

We're F.I.R. Posted by Hello

I was telling myself... Ok, be compassionate for once, bring her there lah! After all, F.I.R.'s songs are quite nice indeed. So I said, "Fine, I'll bring you there tonight."

By 7.30pm, I was already yelling to her, "You're NOT ready YET?!"Finally, got into the car, reached there sharp at 8pm... But there's one problem, like most KL-lites face.... yes, PARKING!!!!!

My sis: Do I need to accompany you to the carpark?
Me: Of course! You think I'm your free driver ah? How can you leave me?
Sis: But.... I'm with my friends... I'll call you when I'm done lah, ok?

So, after we parked the car & walked in, she dissapeared right away. I was wandering around, finding places to stand... Looking at the three bandmates from their side-view & back-view for 30-minutes is not fun at all.... The feeling of looking at them from front-view is forming in my thoughts, and since I don't have camera, the only way to do so is to get their sutographs on stage!
The urge of buying a CD and go up stage for their autograph is beginning to fill my mind, and so i DID! RM40 for a CD, and after 4 minutes of queing up, I shaked their hands & got their autograph.

After I had the last glimpse of them & they left, all the fans left as well.... And now I'm at home, typing this journal, heart-aching for my RM40... (Though I really really like their songs)

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Green Tea

Green Tea...
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Throw Down

Went for a movie with Ee Teng today. Went there, looked at the showtime, and picked "Throw Down" out of the list.

This movie by Aaron Kwok, Cherrie In, & Louis Koo was..... a TOTAL DISASTER! Both me & Ee Teng felt like we wasted our RM7 for NOTHING!

I read the Synopsis few days ago....
Pub manager Sze-To was once the greatest Judo fighter around until he unexpectedly gave up the sp ort for no apparent reason. Nowadays, Sze-To lives the life of an alcoholic gambler wi th no hope for the future. But one day, cocky Judo champion Tony shows up and challenges Sze-To to a duel. At the same time, an old foe called Kong demands a finishing match with Sze-To. If all that wasn't enough, Sze-To's mentor Master Cheng asks him to take care of his son. Sze-To can't hide his secret any longer - the reason he gave up Judo years ago is because he's losing sight in both eyes. But when Master Cheng sacrifices his life for the love of Judo, Sze-To makes an oath to take on his opponents with everything he's got before he goes comp letely blind.

Anyway, I left out the comment of the critics, until now... only I saw... You can read it at http://www.cinemaonline.com.my/movie/movie.asp?search=throw

Just like the comment says, the show is a total boredom, and we don't seem to get the main point of the whole movie!! The ONLY point that i can scarcely think of is : Don't give up on your dreams?!


Small Small World

I got a missed call... Wonder who was that?

A moment later, I got a sms that sounds like this," Hello! I'm your primary school friend in TI, ~~~. I don't know whether you remember me or not, I got your hp from one of your friend in USM. How are you?"

I was like: huh? her? It's been like... what? We've not contacted since age of 9? But yeah, I do remember her.... And apparently the friend that provided my no was one of my secondary school classmate. What a small world, eh?

Church Building Dedication!!!

Today is the BIG DAY for City Harvest Church Malaysia!!!! Today is CHCM's 3-year-old BIRTHDAY, and it's also the dedication day of the new building to our Lord!

Today is the BIG DAY for City Harvest Church Malaysia!!!! Today is CHCM's 3-year-old BIRTHDAY, and it's also the dedication day of the new building to our Lord!

It's soo exciting to see the church building was crowded with people (parents,non-Christians, brothers- & sisters-in-Christ from other churches..), supporting & joining us in this historical event! It was so packed, church members seating on the floors so that visitors have seats!! Anyhow, happiness & joy still filled the place as the event moved on....

Rev. Tan Ye Peng from City Harvest Singapore & Ps John Ollis from Australis were with us as well. As Ps Tan speaks, he talked about the importance of dedicating the building & ourselves to the Lord, & also the meaning of the house of God.

The house of God is..
1. A house of GLORY
2. A house of HOLINESS
3. A house of REVELATION
4. A house of COMPASSION
5. A house of FAITH
6. A house of MISSIONS
7. A house of MIRACLES

It's a wonderful day!! Simply amazing and thrilled with joy!


Back from Seremban

After spending two days in Seremban, I came home. Didn't do much in Seremban but I did enjoy my time there. Watched some movies, read some interesting book, had great meals & got myself a really really cute mug. Hahaha

Anyway, when I got home today, I realised that the ofer letter from Shanghai Second Medical University has arrived. My good mood kinda dropped a little.... Thinking of having to go through the body check-ups, visa application & leaving Malaysia...!!

After finally to ease my feeling, I've decided to search for some MP3s. After my previous failure dealing with Kazaa, FlashGet & what-so-ever, I almost agve-up on MP3-downloading.... Anyway, Since Bahanee suggested this site, I must as well go & try it out! A new Peer-to-peer network programme.... WinMX! Yay!!! I finally got to download my fav songs!!! Though there's lack of Chinese songs but at least I've got myself some old-time fav such as "At The Beginning","Tell Him", blah blah... I'm soo Happy!!