Throw Down

Went for a movie with Ee Teng today. Went there, looked at the showtime, and picked "Throw Down" out of the list.

This movie by Aaron Kwok, Cherrie In, & Louis Koo was..... a TOTAL DISASTER! Both me & Ee Teng felt like we wasted our RM7 for NOTHING!

I read the Synopsis few days ago....
Pub manager Sze-To was once the greatest Judo fighter around until he unexpectedly gave up the sp ort for no apparent reason. Nowadays, Sze-To lives the life of an alcoholic gambler wi th no hope for the future. But one day, cocky Judo champion Tony shows up and challenges Sze-To to a duel. At the same time, an old foe called Kong demands a finishing match with Sze-To. If all that wasn't enough, Sze-To's mentor Master Cheng asks him to take care of his son. Sze-To can't hide his secret any longer - the reason he gave up Judo years ago is because he's losing sight in both eyes. But when Master Cheng sacrifices his life for the love of Judo, Sze-To makes an oath to take on his opponents with everything he's got before he goes comp letely blind.

Anyway, I left out the comment of the critics, until now... only I saw... You can read it at http://www.cinemaonline.com.my/movie/movie.asp?search=throw

Just like the comment says, the show is a total boredom, and we don't seem to get the main point of the whole movie!! The ONLY point that i can scarcely think of is : Don't give up on your dreams?!

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