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Ok... Obviously i'm slow. -_-" Luckily i'm not into secretariate jobs.
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manual car joke

My dad saw in the paper classified the other day about a car for sale.

It wrote something like:

“Nissan Sunny 1994. Fully restored, a lot of new parts, well functioned… 

Sadly daughter can’t drive manual.”

Rolling on the floorHahaha… Well, i think that happens a lot nowadays. My aunt also sold of her car cos my cousins can’t drive her manual.


Don't Forget the Lyrics

EMERGE is round the corner, and EVERYONE in CHC is ON FOR IT!
The competition I had the most interest in is definitely the PHOTOGRAPHY competition but heck, apparently past winners of EMERGE CAN'T JOIN the same category!!
Since i'm the winner for EMERGE 2007, i'm now not qualified to enter... *sob* why lah... * And for yours dearly's information, the prize i got that year, now don't know where to, I never even get hold of it also... BIG SOB*

Sigh... Since I can't join the photography competition no more, though I already start taking photos for it...
So Sean at the last minute asked me whether i'm interested to join "Don't Forget the Lyrics".

For Chinese songs category, there'll be 60 songs, where as 160 songs for English category. AND we have 4 DAYS for~ OMG~ In situation like this, of course I choose Chinese category lah!

When I got the song list, there's songs that i'm VERY FAMILIAR like FIR, our very own Michael Wong, TANK, etc... But there's also VEYR UNFAMILIAR ONCE like WANG LEE HOM! Oh my... I know Lee Hom is VERY FAMOUS but out of his 6 songs, maybe I just know 3 lah... and the lyrics all so long, HOW? Sigh...

And then when you might THINK that since i'm familiar with lotsa songs, it'll be SO EASY for me which is SO WRONG!
Since I like to sing KTV so MUCH, well OBVIOUSLY JTV has LYRICS PREPARED FOR YOU! So basically even though I like to sing, I don't remember the lyrics!
And now it's DOUBLE HARDER to remember those you THINK you know the lyrics but thr truth is you just remember the RHYTHM... Gosh...
Need to buck up!

Go GO GO VU~~!!





去参加了youth meeting,往日的大哥哥姐姐们仍在那儿,而我同辈的则也成为了人家的大姐姐。

虽然清楚时间流逝,可是看到曾经只是小学一二年级的小孩子,现在已经是中学快毕业那高大的样子,仍然震撼了一下 :老了吗?


第二天,参观了Ipoh Harvest Church,气氛跟CHC很接近,可是Pastor Lian的sermon是用广东话的。
*汗* 虽然明白广东话,可是还是得在脑袋里想一想到底是什么字,才可以有具体概念。








monk uncle, again…

Today is so not my day…

After church, wanted to reply some sms but apparently there’s some issue, I thought it was just some coverage problem. Then later when I tried to dial a missed call, then only i realise it’s my line problem!

I went to Digi for enquiry, and apparently my telephone bills wasn’t cleared for the past 2 months and so it was barred. I paid on the spot but seems like it’ll only return to normal earliest by tomorrow. When i got home I asked dad about it, and it seems like either one of them paid all the bills EXCEPT mine, sorta missed out my bills.

Then went home having to see the family-friend monk uncle over at grandma’s place. When it’s time for dinner, though i’m still full over my late lunch, Uncle Monk was hungry and kinda urge my aunt to take him for vegetarian dinner. For the sake of dragging a companion, aunt asked me along whether i like it or not. Well, dinner was ok but the journey back is NOT!

As usual, the roads leading to Klang town is jammed. Thus this Uncle Monk starts saying his prayers (阿弥陀佛)out loud. Though I don’t speak his prayer, I don’t bother much about hearing people pray, everyone’s got their free will, right?

BUT THEN, he starts saying, “You see, prayer works… At least we’re not totally stuck!” *Hello? Even the standard-2 cousin of mine knows without your “a-mi-to-fo” prayers the traffic is just SLOW but NOT STUCK, ok? Well, once again, everyone has their own believes. I believe PRAYER WORKS too, just NOT his “a-mi-to-fo” prayer~

AND THEN.. HE STARTS ASKING MY 4-year-old cousin to say “a-mi-to-fo” prayer aloud with him~! OMG~!! Can you NOT DO THAT? In fact he ask both the kids to do so but the elder was reluctant thus the monk say, “哇,这个小的前世一定修行很够哦,大的就不行,看来修行不够…”(meaning the younger one must have had a good karma in the earlier life..)

SERIOUSLY, WHO ARE YOU TO TEACH MY COUSINS ALL THIS KINDA CRAP?! Because of people like you that like to speak crap and nonsense, that make the younger minds confuse!

Seriously I’m always a believer of everyone has their own choice of what to believe but teaching my cousins of things our own family doesn’t believe, YOU ARE TOO MUCH!


popcorn: Drag me to Hell

Missed this movie on cinema, then heard from Xynia that this movie is pretty good so i searched it out.


It starts with a kinda creepy scene where a boy was literally dragged into hell of fire, through a suddenly parted floor.

The story goes about when a girl, whom work as a bank loan officer was given a choice between helping a poor old lady to extend her loan payment of her home of 30 years, or deny her application and be promoted.

Well, obviously she chose the later and so, the old lady put the most crucial curse on her, for humiliating her in front of the crowd when she begged. And so the curse and revenge begins…


Well I can say this movie is full of lots of really gross scenes… Especially those whatever that may come out from this old gypsy lady…smile_sick Don’t eat while watching this movie, ya~

To my personal view, though the old lady did over react for putting a curse on somebody like tha but the young lady did sendiri cari pasal a bit. The price to pay for being selfish, humiliating people. And still after knowing that she has been curse, she still insist it’s her boss’ fault, not hers. Damn… Some times i really think mat saleh DO have the guts to mess with spirits leh. Macam tak pernah tengok horror films from Thailand.. smile_tongue

This is really a rather good PG-13 movie I’d say… Too bad the cute Justin Long didn’t have too much scenes around. What to do? He’s just the loving and sweet boyfriend mah…

Quite a good show, not too much of those simple bloody scene only macam Final Destination. At least this have different “variety” of yucky stuff.. Haha…

*A friend later introduced a review of looking at this movie in a TOTAL DIFFERENT perspective...http://www.slashfilm.com/2009/06/11/is-drag-me-to-hell-really-about-a-girl-with-an-eating-disorder/