Don't Forget the Lyrics

EMERGE is round the corner, and EVERYONE in CHC is ON FOR IT!
The competition I had the most interest in is definitely the PHOTOGRAPHY competition but heck, apparently past winners of EMERGE CAN'T JOIN the same category!!
Since i'm the winner for EMERGE 2007, i'm now not qualified to enter... *sob* why lah... * And for yours dearly's information, the prize i got that year, now don't know where to, I never even get hold of it also... BIG SOB*

Sigh... Since I can't join the photography competition no more, though I already start taking photos for it...
So Sean at the last minute asked me whether i'm interested to join "Don't Forget the Lyrics".

For Chinese songs category, there'll be 60 songs, where as 160 songs for English category. AND we have 4 DAYS for~ OMG~ In situation like this, of course I choose Chinese category lah!

When I got the song list, there's songs that i'm VERY FAMILIAR like FIR, our very own Michael Wong, TANK, etc... But there's also VEYR UNFAMILIAR ONCE like WANG LEE HOM! Oh my... I know Lee Hom is VERY FAMOUS but out of his 6 songs, maybe I just know 3 lah... and the lyrics all so long, HOW? Sigh...

And then when you might THINK that since i'm familiar with lotsa songs, it'll be SO EASY for me which is SO WRONG!
Since I like to sing KTV so MUCH, well OBVIOUSLY JTV has LYRICS PREPARED FOR YOU! So basically even though I like to sing, I don't remember the lyrics!
And now it's DOUBLE HARDER to remember those you THINK you know the lyrics but thr truth is you just remember the RHYTHM... Gosh...
Need to buck up!

Go GO GO VU~~!!

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