Broga Hill –coming down-

When I was up on the first peak & was happily trying my friend's DSLR, somebody walked up & said "HI~"... I was so totally surprise to see an old friend from Ipoh, Wiliam~! Haha, he came with his uni mates from Kajang. Wow... All the youth days we spent in church, memory flash backs & it's such a joy to see old friends unexpectedly! Of course, a photo is a must!After lingering around until about 8pm, we needed to head back as some of them are in a rush. Thus we took a group pic & headed down...

going down... But then again, EVERYONE is heading down so it's yet another round of traffic~

Thus me & a few friends waited while enjoying the breeze...

And as we slowly make our way down, we came upon this tree with a swing that we saw on our way up... *it was still very dark then thus not advisable to take photos at that hour =P*

Now that it's bright daylight, we actually saw a few pairs of shoes hanging on the branches of the tree..? Takkan it's a "wishing tree"?

As we continued our journey down, we reached the part where it actually kinda scary (to me) to see clearly that the small path you're walking on is just beside this "gaung"... When you're going UP in the dark, you won't notice it THAT clearly!*worry*

And we're so glad we actually reached the ground! A photo of the start of the trail to end it all...

I must say it's a joy to be up there but it's not going through the process... *but then again, maybe it's just me =P*


Broga Hill -going up-

Since I saw smashpop's photoshots of Broga Hill, I've been amazed that the beautiful & but being a lazy person whom don't like exercise, not to mention wanting me to go HIKING!!

This month, our cg suggested we go Broga outing 'cos last month other friends went & their photos were awesome thus Broga it is! Was kinda reluctant at first due to laziness (again) & Semenyih is quite a distance, what's more the suggested time to depart is… 4AM?! Yes, they wanna go for the sunrise. Anyway, this time due i was in charge of this outing thing, how reluctant my body yells, I still have to join, right? *Psyching myself: Just this once, take the nice hotos & no next time*

Everything went pretty well that morning (though from the status of fb the night before, it's rather obvious most people couldn't get their sleep) & we reached the starting trail of Broga Hill by 5:15AM. The surrounding was completely dark at that hour, without torchlight you practically can't see your way up.

According to web search & feedback from most friends, it's rather EASY to hike that you may reach the top within like... 30minutes ? But what they didn't mention is for people woth VERY POOR stamina like me, though it's a rather "short" distance, the steepness of the hill practically want my life hiking up! *thus I kinda rested along the way while the rest continued on aiming for the sunrise*

This was my view at the point of sunrise...

And slowly, I finally reached the FIRST Peak~ and this is the path continuing on to 2nd-4th Peak, which I didn't take...  =P

The contented me just stayed remaining Peak 1 to take pictures of the lalangs...

and I found this lalang that looked like a caterpillar...

Then as I was taking pic, David was done with his phototaking & I get to try out his DSLR~ *whee.. Seriously my first time trying a DSLR!*  Then I tried trying out with the sky, then landscape (see how far it can zoom), and some potrait...

trying out the colour of the sky trying out potrays

and then back with the lalang again *grin*...

I wanted to try taking a very nice lalang photo (like one of those I see on web), I tried with a very nice light, but the lalang a bit messy... Then a very nice, clear lalang by its own, but the light a bit pinkish... Hmm... Anyway, I'm satisfied with the result just for now :)

Oops... Somebody caught me on film playing with the DSLR... Looked kinda horrid though =P








不喜歡每認識新的人,就要重新自我介紹。老實說,大部份陌生人真的don't give a shit 你的職業啦,他們需要知道的就只是你的一個社會“身份”來將你定位。在社會的identity上模擬兩可的現在,更是討厭這種狀況。聽到無謂的問題的時候,心裡想:關你屁事;嘴裡却要笑笑應酬...


虛偽,虛偽... 真的虛偽到連打一篇文章都開始三思。


review on INCEPTION

Being asked the meaning of "inception", I think most of us wouldn't have a clue, neither do I...

After searching for the meaning online, "inception - an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events".

As far as we know, it's a new sci-fi movie by Leonardo DiCaprio!


I've been so thrilled & excited since I watched the trailer, that I go watch it first thing after my lunch! I mean.. Leonardo DiCaprio never failed to amaze me with his acting & this is definitely yet another not-to-be-missed!! Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they ALL delivered it to their BEST!

It far exceeded my expectation, love the idea of dream vs reality to the extend that you can't differentiate both. The action & all, it's totally mind-blowing that it's simply an epic mastermind... Ok, I've lost track of my words..

This is Matrix relive, man! A movie that will blast your mind off between reality, sub-concious & dream!! Chris Nolan, I can only say he's a genius for being able to think of such a simple plot filled with complexed details! He's simply the mastermind!

For some weak-hearted such as my sis, she described it as "a little horror" with all the tensity.

Quoting my friend Cindy, "This is not just a "blow things up" movie , but a movie that is creative and original in every aspect and will make you think long after you leave the cinema.

"WOW" is all that I can say & I'm still feeling the adrenaline rush through my veins even at this moment as I think of it hours after the movie!
The 0.5 that I didn't give is simply for the ending of the movie where it leaves a little mystery for you to decide whether it's dream or reality... Urgh... LOVE IT!!!

I can't wait to go watch for the second time~ *whee*

PS: Clear your mind before you go into the cinema… & don't go with simple-minded people cos they'll get confuse somehow in the middle of no where (like Matrix used to be) & start asking questions!




最近又迷上了这么一首,【Coffee House】里的一首插曲...


以下译词来自百度空间 我爱韩剧更爱(凤凰天使),感谢翻译:yimu

주르륵 눈물이 흘러 스르륵 두눈이 감겨/骨碌碌 我泪流不止 苏噜噜
이별이라 말하지는 말아요/我闭上双眼 不要对我说离别
보일듯 멀어져가는 잡힐듯 잡히지 않는/我看见了渐渐远离的你 想挽回却碰触不到的你
그대라서 난 오늘도 눈물만/今天的我 依然在哭泣

난 이별을 모를래요 모르고 살래요/我不懂所谓的离别 这辈子都不会懂
슬픔따위 없을거라 약속했던 사람 그대 아니었나요/不会再有更让我悲伤的事情 曾经和我约定的人 难道不是你

사랑해요 우리 어떻게 헤어져요/我爱你 我们怎么能这样分手
들리나요 미치도록 그대 보고 싶은데/听见了吗 疯狂的想见你的我
내가 어떻게 잊어요 그대를 지울까요/我该怎么学会遗忘 又怎么才能够遗忘
매일 눈물로 나 살텐데/每天每天哭着的我

지긋이 두눈을 감고 깨끗이 눈물을 닦고/我轻轻闭上双眼 我擦干了泪水
그댈 향한 그리움을 닦아요/也擦去了对你的思念
그래도 안되나봐요 사랑이라는게/却还是不行
잊으려 하면 할수록 더욱 생각나고 그리워지나봐요/所谓爱情 越想要遗忘 越是容易想起 越是更加思念的吧

사랑해요 우리 어떻게 헤어져요/我爱你 我们怎么能这样分手
들리나요 미치도록 그대 보고 싶은데/听见了吗 疯狂的想见你的我
내가 어떻게 잊어요 그대를 지울까요/我该怎么学会遗忘 又怎么才能够遗忘
매일 눈물로 나 살텐데/每天每天哭着的我

미안해요 나는 그댈 잊지 못해요/对不起 我真的没办法忘记你
여전히 난 그대만을 사랑하고 원해요/只想要像以前那样爱着你
다시 사랑한다해도 다른 누굴 만나도/就算我能够再爱上谁 就算我再和谁约会
그대 같은 사람 없어요/也找不到像你这样的人


angry drivers

Some people have very good behaviour on daily basis but once they sit behind the wheel, they get stressed & upset very easily. At the very moment of time, it's all about your driving-anger management.

Some people, when stressed the tend to go fast, and break abruptly when needed.

Sometimes they got so stressed and upset they just want to go their way & they kinda forget about traffic rules.

Picture from gettyimages.com

If you see a reckless driver, even though you're upset inside, please don't show it outside through the way you drive. BEHAVE on the road.

I don't like to sit in the car of an angry driver. I feel tension & worried.

When you show your stress through your driving, you not only stressed up yourself, you're stressing your passengers & other drivers on the road as well.

We can't expect to change everyone, why not we change ourselves instead?


I wanna be The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Nicholas Cage is on screen again with his new movie "Sorcerer's Apprentice".


Well, of everyone's mind, what would you do if you have magic? What would you do if you're a sorcerer?

I think a lot of people somehow have kinda been brainwashed by Spiderman's “When there is great power, there is great responsibility.” thingy thus the most common yet simple answer would definitely be “TO SAVE THE WORLD”!

If I am a sorcerer, I won't save human cos as long as there's humanity, human beings would have greed, ignorance, jealousy, etc... Let's not go down the list, we see wars and killing, destruction throughout human history YET there's always such a thing call love thus humanity prevailed & human will still survive.

Anyhow, with the power I have, I'd save the animals from extinction due to human cruelty, such as sea turtles, tigers, rhinoes, whales, etc... Well, throwing fireballs on those who kills for greed is just one of them, I will try to put spells on certain amount of animals that nobody could harm them. Or perhaps I just move some of them into the magical world of sorcerer.For that I might need help from a lot of sorcerers, I need sorcerer friends~

Last but not least, if I am a sorcerer, I would very much like to get to know other lgendary sorcerers such as Albus Dumbledore, Lupin, Hermione, Ron & the twin Weasley brothers... Yes, the sorcerers from Harry Potter! A different movie but they are sorcerers too, right? Big Grin

Hmm… Come to think of it, it ain't bad to be a Sorcerer's Apprentice after all~ Winking


FB randomness

You know a person is totally addicted to facebook games when…

M: I wanna bake some cinnamon roll...
A: Cinnamon roll? You mean in "BAKING LIFE" or REAL one?
M: Real one lah... =.=

Thus we have fresh cinnamon rolls to eat after a few hours *grin*