Kopitiam is my favourite..
Not only the local sitcom but also the heritage.
The heritage of my grandfather's...

This was once my playground...
Help out as the cashier, running up and down the street,
Sitting in there, sipping my favourite iced-Milo
Looking at the same, old customers hanging around there having their favourite kopi, teh-O....

Time flies, there's more and more competitors on the street...
The old customers ceased of old age...

What will the future holds for this kopitiam, no one knows...





作者: 唯琳



I am lost in my heart,
I am lost in the run,
I am lost in the world of maze.
Where can I find
The answers that I need,
Answers to the questions in my mind.
Where can I run?
Where can I hide,
when I need shelter from the storm.
When can I leave?
When will I be released,
from this hypocrite, surreal world.
I am tired and exhausted,
I've tried but I've failed
I cried but to no avail.
But I know there's someone
for me to return to His kingdom.

Aileen Sew

Copyright ©2004 Aileen Sew

From A Distance

Looking at you from a distance
I know my heart is lost
Lost in the love for you
Which will never ever come true
Looking at you from a distance
I know that you're not mine
Not in the past nor in the future
Your heart never was for me.
When you're in front of me
I feel as if we're miles apart
When we're miles apart
I feel that you're so close
With just a single distance call.
So near yet so far
Is this what they call love?
I wish I'll have the courage
I wish I'll have the strength
To walk up to you
To tell you I really, really love you
Loving you, is what I feel for you

Aileen Sew

Copyright ©2004 Aileen Sew

Love You

Wide awake in the morning mist
My thought is filled with your presence
Feel like being by your side
To wish you morning
And tell you I love you
Sleeping alone in the lonely night
My heart is filled with your presence
Weeping quietly into the cold air
And wish you're still here
And tell you I miss you

I want to go away from this land
To where you are
But it is yet time for me
To go back to the sanctuary
So I can just remain here
Continue to love you and miss you
Till we meet again
In the sanctuary

Aileen Sew

Copyright ©2004 Aileen Sew


One Way, One Truth, One Life, One Destiny...

Today's a very special Sunday. It's a Youth Evangelistic Sunday!!!!

A team of missionaries came over from City Harvest Singapore to join us. After the praise & worship session, filled with joy, the team gave a short presentation (sorta sketch thingy) about the only way to salvation.

The award you get, the good deeds you do, your wealth, your wiseness.... All these doesn't bring you eternal life. The only way to salvation is through our Lord Jesus Christ whom paid for our sins with His blood.

This message was later on being bring forth by Ps Kenneth Sim.
It was well explained inthe Bible scripture Luke 16:19-31 where the rich man went to hell because he rejected Jesus, while the poor beggar Lazarus went up to heaven after he died because he belives in out Saviour!

The main point is not that rich/wealth will lead us to hell.... But the rejection of Jesus Christ that will lead us to eternal perish in hell.
I'd say the message today is very good.....