Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

I still remember when pizza was simple & the all-time-favourite is always Hawaiian Pizza (ans still is my all-time fav up till this day)...

But Pizza Hut is always full of surprises & brings us NEW FLAVOUR to spice up our taste bud! Now, Pizza Hut is introducing a new pizza this month! Behold the FISH KING Pizza!!


After such a long time of not having pizza, I am so tempted to go have a try after reading so many interesting reviews from peeps such as KYSpeaks.com. Wanted to bring Kiddo for his birthdayParty since he LRed heartVES fish stick SO MUCH but due to his class hours & my busy schedule lately, I decided to make it pending & go to have a try myself first...

Went out with sis today to Sunway Pyramid & since we are to settle lunch outside, I've decided to belanja her for Pizza~! *How am I suppose to finish it alone?*

Lunch hour just started as we walked into Pizza Hut so there's plenty of seats for us to pick & seat (before the crowd starts)... We ordered a King Fish Combo Set 1 for 2 person, that comes with garlic breadstick, 2x mushroom soup & 2x coke.


We warmed up our empty stomch with the starters... and soon the PIZZA CAME~




fish stick looks so BIG & delicious~ KING FISH-licious!!! *Now i'm 100% sure Kiddo will LOVE IT*

Well, of course BEFORE we destroy the pizza, take a model pic with it first~ Look so YUMMY, right? Haha... Even the uncle at the back also cemburu d cos he tak dapat makan!! Big Grin(Sorry I'm not sure what's the name of this intrument player on the wall...) IMG_1858 copy-1

And as we cut it off...


MOZERELLA CHEESE~~ Oh the LONG CHEESY~ Just LOVE IT the way it is!

When we started eating, sis ate politely... But the pizza was so KING-FISH-LICIOUS that after half of it, she started using her fingers & *arghm...*

IMG_1863 IMG_1866

Where as for me... As the kinda opposite as we are, I started eating with my hands... *So not lady~* and first piece vanished very fast!


Then only I decide to eat politely on my second slice of it, for a proper pic... *But kinda late, I think... reputation gone on first pic...*

King Fish Momento is REALLY GOOD~ I'm so gonna take Kiddo for his belated birthday meal again~!!

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My Wiggy Design

Nowadays people like everything to be personalized, to be special, even your credit cards. Since a lot of peeps are carrying their notebook/netbook around these days, why not make it special and have your own special wiggy?

IMG_1925 I think a perfect wiggy is like a lollipop! With a wiggy, you can online anywhere, it feels so sweet it makes your mood HAPPY all day round!

The lollipop will be a colourful LED, so when the signal is slightly weaker, only the middle will shine, and the shining circle gets bigger as the signal gets stronger. But I think with the P1 wiggy, the whole lollipop will be brightly lit~


Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Selangor Shine photo hunt

Joined a photo hunt for the first time, with my aunt & her friend (whom i just met for the first time today, a 25-fresh-graduate-boy)

The photo hunt is organized by PCP, sponsored by Tourism Selangor for Tahun Melawat Selangor.

At 8AM we all gathered for registration in Dataran Shah Alam (which we spend about 20 minutes turning all around that area to find the entrance in as part of the road as blocked)..

Then after everyone changed into bright yellow T-shirt, and a short briefing, the photo hunt starts!

We head all the way from Shah Alam – Klang – Carey Island – Jenjarom, Banting – Jugra – Morib – Gold Coast, Sepang – Sungai Pelek...

It took us longer to find the routes thus out team skipped Gold Coast, Sepang in order to get to the Banghuris Homestay, Sungai Pelek to submit the photos in time (4pm)...

Great (though tiring) experience! This is the first time I actually see for myself that Selangor has so many small but beautiful places! *but most of them are really... san-ka-la...

Experience learnt: Through the photo sharing session after the submission, I TOTALLY understand that good photographers can still take MARVELOUS photos under time contrain... *totally in awe of their work!*

Another experience learnt: NEVER find a person that don't photograph... to join photo hunt (unless he's just the driver)!

1. If you don't OWN a basic camera/ your mobile camera is <2MP, I can define it as you can't afford it YET, yes i'm ok with it...*as there's a time I don't have camera myself thus using other's whenever we go out tgt*

2. By lending you a camera, your photo result is totally just FLAT... Ok, I can understand that really need practise...

3. BUT not only flat, you can't take a photo with the RIGHT FOCUS of the subject?! that's totally unbearable in photo hunt! urgh...

Anyway, it's late now... Will try to upload some photos of the hunt asap... Stay tuned :)



World Cup FEVER is ON! Don't tell me you don't know what is world cup? *slap head*

We ALL know that no matter what you do in life, you gotta do the best! I suppose when you're among the best brand in the field, when people think of it, they will think of you. Something like "milk=Dutch Lady", " Chocolate drink= milo", "coffee = Nescafe"...

That why " Football = Adidas"! Why?

Because being the official partner of FIFA World Cup, Adidas is no doubt the best of its field!

3251122460_6319e6d757 Official football of FIFA World Cup

In conjunction with promoting FIFA World Cup, ADIDAS is organizing a futsal competition called Adidas Pure Game Ole KO event on Friday (May 21), from 7.30pm-8.30pm at Mid Valley!


As a person who don't really do sports, I have limited knowledge of sports brand (not more than 4, and Adidas being one of them). All these years I assume sports brands to be only have sports merchandise such as sports shoes, football, basketball and all. Little did I know that they have more than that!

While being one of the main sponsors for various football games and related merchandise, Adidas even taken in consideration of the hygiene and grooming of extreme sport players & launched a series of sport deodarant & shampoo! Adidas Action 3! It makes you smell good even after long hours of sweat!!

As we all know most girls don't really like football... and for the matter of fact, we all know girls still think some football players are CUTE! *grin* So I think playing football with Adidas Action 3 on, football players will now be CUTER? LOL

So for those of you who likes futsal, get your gears on!! There are tons of prizes to be won!!! Nah, don't worry that you'll get smelly all over in Mid Valley after the game, there's always Adidas Action 3!! *wink*

If you are not on the other hand, probably you should head over to cheer for your favorite blogger.. It might be one of those chance that you don't want to slip..

And again, let's watch some videos up to date at Project Alpha Season 2, where the bloggers had an outing to Tambun with snakes  & Siberian tigers!

*Pssst... Project Alpha will be ON Astro real soon..*

Project Alpha Episode 29

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Project Alpha Episode 32

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. The Project Alpha bloggers will be at the Adidas Pure Game Ole KO event on Friday (May 21), from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Catch them in action!


pek chek






“京那峇达岸河”... 天! Sg. Kinabatangan 不就容易多了吗?中文虽是直译,可是一个同音的字错,也就算错了...



Who Will Win the World Cup?

FIFA World Cup is BACK after 4 years & it's less than a month to go!! As we all know this year FIFA World Cup is in South Africa!!  Have you seen the TVC on Astro with all the players transforming into wild life? That was SO COOL~! Fabulous CG!

Well, personally I'm not a football fan but I've watched the FIFA matches once in a while. It's a 4-years-once event leh, no joke!

But then again seeing the players playing for their own country instead of their various teams such as MU, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc.. (Which I think my knowledge of football teams as just as much as these) is a whole lot fun! You'd see players that normally were opponents playing together as a team to win for their country. That's really all about TEAMWORK man... (of course they're called professional players for a reason..)

*Ok lah I admit I watch more or less for the cute guys :P, just like somebody once said, girls don't like football but they like football players LOL*

From the past history of FIFA World Cup since 1930 (taken from www.topendsports.com):

FIFA historyBrazil & Italy seems to have the highest winning percentage.. So who will be the winner this year?

In the meantime, let's watch some videos up to date at Project Alpha Season 2, currently featuring Cheeserland.com, kyspeaks.com, Shaolintiger.com & kimberlycun.com on their outing to Tambun & Ipoh!

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Project Alpha Episode 27

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木村拓哉配林志玲,啊啊啊~令人为之郁闷的配搭! 难怪日本收视率烂透!




才第一集20分钟内就开始进入麻雀变凤凰的剧情,瞎!(还有网民直接说麻雀变野鸡 LOL)

讨厌林小姐的“啊啊啊啊啊啊~ ”要嗲不嗲,要喊不喊的综合体,难听到爆的嘶喊声!*如果她的角色是哑巴,我可能会更欣赏?*




为什么筱原凉子和松田翔太(那么帅)要做绿叶啊?啊啊啊~ 要疯了~


How Many Wiggies?

P1W1max as one of the sponsors of Project Alpha Season 2, is having a little game  as simple as counting how many wiggies in the picture below:


 Count the number of Wiggies in the picture, and tweet your answer to @ProjectAlphaMY and @P1W1MAX, and include the hashtag #wiggycount. The first 10 correct/closest guesses will win a P1 bag each! You readers can try to count it too~ :)

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Project Alpha Episode 22

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review on Robin Hood


Robin Hood, a legendary figure of robbing the rich and aiding the poor.

Thanks to The Star R.AGE, I get to watch this epic movie in advanced yesterday at TGV 1Utama.Frankly I didn't realised this movie coming till I saw the tweet and all from R.AGE, anyhow seeing it having Russell Crowe in it already gives me much anticipation as he's one of my favourite actor since his marvelous performance in Gladiator & Beautiful Mind.

At personal preference, the movie itself captured my heart the moment I see the ancient castles as well as the landscape of mother nature with the seas and hills... Ah, the serenity... Ok, Bias perhaps but I memang love those old English thingy.

Not realising Cate Blanchett is in the movie, I was surprised & excited to see her on the big screen! LOVE HER!


Instead of a common story of how Robin Hood aids the needy, this is a story of HOW Robin came to be known as Robin Hood. (Didn't know he was called Robin Longstride till now).

Of course every movie has it's villain that at times of poverty & war, of justice & power, there's always people that are willing to betray their king for a reward of power and wealth. Thus this Si Botak comes in...

Watching this movie really brings out the spirit of justice right out of you, you yearn for true English man spirit, humble, brave and loyal. Especially when all the noble fight in unity, defending their homeland despite their dislike to the idiotic moron king. LOVE the scenes when all come together, riding horses across the greenery of hills and jungles...!!

By the end of the movie then only I realised it's 140 minutes long! But then again the tinge of humour here and there in the movie kept me in without even feeling its length.

If you love "Gladiator" or "Kingdom of Heaven" (Credits to Ridley Scott whom is obviously very good at this category of films), you'll definitely love this! Well, even a person as picky as my brother said this is GOOD ~

Personally think it's far better than Iron Man as this is one true legend movie with pure action and not too much of exaggerated CG.

To me, Russell Crowe + Cate Blanchett + Ridley Scott = an epic not to be miss!!

My Rating for this movie is 5/5

**PS: This is the first time I've been in a cinema where all of us were required to switched off our mobile phones, not even silent mode is allowed~ :P Due to some security reasons of we're watching it earlier than US or something…


Shaolin Tiger for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!

World Cup 2010 is coming soon in South Africa~!! You wanna join the football fever BUT think the field is too big? Play FUTSAL instead? (well, at least that's what futsal is in my impression... a smaller version of football... :P)

Anyway, to join the fun, the Season 1 &Season 2 bloggers will be playing futsal one-on-one at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday May 21, 7.30pm! 

Wow… Bloggers playing futsal, you mean bloggers like to be sweaty? :P
Anyhow, since it's all the bloggers of season 1 (sixthseal Huai Bin, beautifulnara, nicolekiss, budiey, redmummy, fourfeetnine Audrey & kennysia) & season 2 (silaserazwanali, nikicheong, ninieahmad, klubbkidd, cheeserland, shaolintiger, & kyspeaks) playing together. In a matter of choosing whose side to support, of course I'll choose the male gender, as physically they've already outstand the girls!

Imagine the petite little sweet Audrey & all so cutesy Cheesie playing futsal, which they've mentioned lotsa times that they're not fancy of sweat & sports... 

Imagine again if one of them KO with Shaolin Tiger whom is SO big sized! haha... No offense to the cute girls but let's not put high hope :P

Of course among the males, I think Budiey , Kenny Sia, Azwan Ali & Niki Cheong stands a chance to win also as they look very sporty & active BUT still I think Shaolin Tiger can outbeat every one of them. Purely because he's “TIGER”... ROAR~! XD
To know more about the featured bloggers of Project Alpha, here's episode 18-21 of season 2:

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.
Catch the Project Alpha bloggers at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday 21 May at 7.30pm!



After last month's incident of car breaking down and being stuck in front of church, I've been rather careful hoping it won't happen again.

BUT... BUT... IT HAPPENED AGAIN~!!! *NOOOOOo~~~*Surprise

Same Sunday morning, arrived in church same time, parked the same spot... and.. the car couldn't start AGAIN as I was leaving church! It's almost like a dejavu all over again!

The only difference this time is that I went to the car earlier, and there's still some people in church...I THOUGHT the car battery dry up again. *Ok I admit that even though I should have, I didn't really check the water level of the car battery for the past whole month since the last incident*

Then as I checked the water level... It's not dry eh... Then how come? Later only did I realised it was because I left the light on when I left the car few hours ago... *sigh, TOTALLY FORGOT about it!*

Then i sms Tai Loong AGAIN & he came to the rescue with the JUMPER CABLE...  Sorry for bothering you everytime & THANK YOU for helping me everytime! Happy *and thank you Mr Security for helping my car also! *

Lesson learnt: Never leave the car light on when you leave the car... & TIME TO CHANGE A NEW BATTERY!!

dividing line

After story: Changed the battery IMMEDIATELY on the following day.

After after story: Got a news that the kind-hearted Tai Loong's beloved new car, the white Honda Civic WTL 2002 that jump-start-saved my car was being stolen... Sad


Jay Chou as Bruce Lee?

Saw a news on facebook this afternoon ...

Mandarin Films Distribution announced that discussions are underway to shoot IP MAN 3 with singer Jay Chou and Donnie Yen. Mr. Chou may play martial arts legend Bruce Lee...

Whether it's true or not, a lot of quick response were splurted across the wall of this status...

And interesting enough, later tonight I've found out a group "假如周杰伦饰演李小龙一角,我们就杯葛叶问3" was created saying if Jay Chou were to act as Bruce Lee, they'll boycott Ip Man 3!


For those who couldn't read Chinese, the description's basically:

In our hearts, Bruce Lee couldn't be portrayed by a person who doesn't look like him at all. Especially a person whom has only one expression & can't act like Jay Chou. We insist not wanting him to appear in Ip Man 3.

Hereby we'd like to tell the director that if Jay Chou appear in Ip Man 3 as Bruce Lee, we will definitely boycott Ip Man 3.

Mr Jay Chou, please don't spoil the image of Bruce Lee. Your performance will be a guarantee disaster for the film.

Personally I don't mind whether or not Jay Chou portrays Bruce Lee but... Me, just like those who joined the group, isn't interested to see him in Donnie Yen's movie. I mean... He'll spoil all the "yeng"-ness of Donnie Yen!

I don't mind seeing Jay Chou in romance movie such as his "Secret" but seriously, ACTION? Sigh... Of all we know so far most of the film he participated didn't have good review. Ok, to be fair, maybe it's the script-writer's problem.

But then again I doubt the protest on facebook will have any say of whether Jay Chou's gonna portray Bruce Lee as there's so many Jay Chou fans out there are still willing to pay to watch him. And for my case, I'm still gonna watch it for Donnie Yen's appearance :P

**PS: Why don't they consider Danny Chan Kwok Kwan instead? Well, at least he LOOKS very alike Bruce Lee. and memang he already acted in a few film as Bruce Lee :P**


My Message to AIDSAware

I'm sure AIDS is a common and familiar term, that we see very often on posters and campaigns. Yeah, we all know that AIDS has NO CURE but who cares? To most of us it's just a TERM, we feel it's so far from us.

Do you know?

Many people who are HIV-positive do not have symptoms of HIV infection.

Often people only begin to feel sick when they progress toward AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)  which is when your immunity is so low you're easily infected by the slightest bacteria & your internal organs starts to FAIL. You'll be in LIVING HELL by then already.

  • 621 Malaysians died from AIDS related illnesses in 2009.
  • 35.9% of reported HIV cases are between the age of 13-29.
  • 870 children < age of 13 is living with HIV in Malaysia.
  • 91% of people living with HIV in Malaysia are men!!!





“Please don't make your future generation & your spouse to suffer for what you've done.... Beware of AIDS! Be a part of the responsibility to stop it!”

For more information on AIDSAware, please visit http://aidsaware.ruumz.com.

At the end of this serious post, let's have some a fun trip with Niki , Xiaxue & Jojo in LONDON ~


A Photo Post: Rain


I love rainy days when the weather is hot like mad.

I love the cool breeze after a big downpour.

I love the rain IF i'm at home.

I don't like the rain when I needed to drive. Cos that would mean TRAFFIC JAM.


My Entry For Blog It!

"BFF"(Best Friends Forever)... I'm pretty sure lots of ya seen this word often used to describe close friends, especially GIRLS. Weird tho, I personally don't really fancy using the term of bff though i'm a girl.

Anyway, that doesn't mean I don't have close friends. Yes, I do have various close friends at different stages of life, and I love every one of these girls in my life.

I once wrote about a crazy night out back in my college days, one of my most memorable ones. So who were the crazy girls back then? Well, they're none other than the forever-so-madness Hanee & the quiet yet sporting Dai!

I still remember going to watch the Irish tap dance performance "River Dance" with them in Bukit Jalil~ AWESOME TIME!

Over the years even after college days Hanee & Dai became such close friends of mine, that we stayed in different places (Klang,  Seremban & Kulim), we'll have stay over at each others' house & their family members knows me, vice versa. We're such best buddy that when Hanee's sister got married, all of us went to the wedding...

me, Dai, Jill, Hanee & Lau

and few years later when Hanee's brother got marry, we're all the way to Kulim for it! That was the first time I wore saree! *shy* Dai, me, Hanee & SallyThe funny part of the wedding preparation was throughout the wedding preparation while we stayed over at Hanee's, I'm the only Chinese in the house. So while even Sally & Dai joined in the conversation in Tamil, the only thing I could do is watch the subtitles of the Bollywood film… LOL

Now that Hanee, Dai & Sally are still studying overseas, we'd try our best to meet up still every summer when they comes back, either travelling up or down.

Pasta Zanmai @ MidValley 2009

Now that FAVOLA @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur is giving out chances to win a free meal for four, I'd like to invite Hanee, Dai & Sally! As Sally's graduating this summer while Hanee's birthday's coming up! It'll sure be a memorable meal at a special place!

Miss you girls~ Anticipating to meet you girls again this summer!