My Date Night

There's this upcoming movie called "The Date Night", starring Steve Carell & Tina Fey. It's about how the couple's day night out turned out to be an unforgetable run and hide event!
My most memorable date was back in college, 20.6.2003, the day before "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix" was launched! Haha… *You know how memorable is THAT, I even remember the DATE~*
Well, since me and my date are huge Harry Potter fans, we wanna grab hold of the book as soon as possible, and what's more, Kinokuniya KLCC was giving out GREAT discounts for the first 100 customers!
So that afternoon after class, we've just decided we'll be psycho ONCE for the sake of the book, we decided to go QUEUE and WAIT!
But back then being normal college students WITHOUT a car, we left our college in the evening and went to KLCC for dinner. We know it'll be a VERY LONG night waiting, so we've decided to watch a mid-night show... I've forgot what's the name of the Indian movie though. *Yes, as we've been hanging around in cinemas after class weekly, the only movie that interested us and left unseen is an Indian movie~ and the best part is IT'S 3-HOUR-LONG so our wait outside could be shorter*
By the time the movie finished it was about 2AM. Without public transport, we couldn't go anywhere, not that we want to anyway so we basically WAITED OUTSIDE KLCC... We've walked around, played some cards and then decided to sit down and read some novels. *Thank God for BOOKS*
We thought there would be a lot of crazy people like us waiting for the whole night but apparently the first crazy person didn't show up until it's 4:30AM… *The other humans we saw throughout the night were the security guards and the janitors..*
Anyhow, after the first person show up, there's more people showing up as time passes, with their parents or grandparents being dragged up early in the morning to send them there...
Before the entrance of KLCC was opened, there's already a HUGE crowd squeezing in front of it, including us. And the MOMENT the door was opened... *BOOM* EVERYONE PUSHED & RAN like there's a tiger behind and we're RUNNING FOR OUR LIVES~ *We have to RUN UP the NOT MOVING ESCALATOR*
You can see slippers flying slippers then being abandoned because the owner just keep running up!
*deep breath* THANK GOODNESS by the time we ran up to the 3rd floor and queue up, we were customer 95-97~!!! Yay yay yay~ and we all got our book at GREAT discount~!!
THAT was a GREAT NIGHT out~!! Oops.. Did I mentioned that my crazy dateS were TWO crazy GIRLS?! Miss you girls so much~!! *Hey, nobody set a rule that your date MUST be a guy and MUST be only one person, right?*
Nuffnang is giving away 90 pairs of tickets to "Date Night", I hope I can get the tickets so I can watch it (on behalf of the girls)~ *and who knows MAYBE this time my date would be a cute GUY? XD*



词:黄婷 曲:陈韦伶
你那傻气 我真是想念
时间走了 谁还在等呢
世界太复杂 你说单纯很难
跟你走吧 管它去哪呀
你远远的关心 其实更长


No Sweat!

Have you watched the movie “全城热恋热辣辣”(Hot Summer Days)?  Yes, when talk about SWEAT, it makes me think and relate to this movie! WHY?

If you have yet to watch, here's the trailer... Watch it, then you'll get my point..

Everyone SWEAT like mad, even by looking at the scenes itself makes me feel hot and sticky even though I was seating inside the cooling cinema that day. Whew

Ok, I know that's a little exaggerating, Malaysia's HOT but not as bad as the movie BUT for a person who sweats easily like me, ... It ain't a pretty scene *especially when I eat spicy food*

Yes, I LRed heartVE HOT & SPICY food, that's where all the aroma and spice are~ BUT I CANNOT TAHAN PEDAS, thus I'll keep sweating...  Imagine when you're eating spicy food in a place without air-cond, man.

NOW, with the new ADIDAS ACTION 3, makan pedas pun NO SWEAT!

Walk under hot sun also NO SWEAT!

HOT SUMMER DAYS (Obviously Malaysia's in summer 365days/year) pun NO SWEAT!!

What's more, I smell FRESH all the time~ Woohoo~ Don't you just LOVE the idea of looking cool and breezy all day long? Winking


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

My Sister's Keeper

Finally finished reading Jodi Picoult's “My Sister's Keeper” after borrowed it from Elsa for about 3 months now. Yes, the one that’s been filmed into motion picture. I haven't watched that movie though, decided to read the book first.sister's keeper
For those who doesn't know what's it about… It's a story of a girl, Anna whom was being conceived just to be  a bone marrow match for her sister, Kate's leukemia. She's been donating blood, bone marrow and all her life just to keep Kate alive. Anyhow, when she reached the age of 13, she filed a law-suit for medical emancipation when her Kate's kidney failed and her only hope for survival is a kidney transplant.
The story sounded fiction yet, it's just as true as life can be. I once come across young kids in hospital that was diagnosed with leukemia, and the parents actually consider of having a second child just so that the first could be saved.
Sometimes logically, the easy way out will be just give up and let the child go but emotionally and rationally, as human being, you just wanna grab hold of that one last hope. Is it morally correct to do whatever it takes to save a child's life even if that means infringing upon the rights of another? There's no certain answer for that, just like Jodi Picoult said in the book, “It's a Solomon's choice.”
The twist near the end left me touched, and speechless. Life can be so fragile. When things are smooth and perfectly clear, stay alarmed to the impact yet to come.
Ok, the movie next...


Happy Birthday smashpOp!

Everybody got a chance in a year to YELL out to the world that “It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!” and well, you could basically do ANYTHING to celebrate it the way you like~

This 21st of March, it’s yet again Lengzai SmashPop’s BIRTHDAY!!  And YES he’s giving out 4 VERY CUTE Kido Daruma, in collaboration with Actioncity~ !! oh my oh my~!!

So I would like to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may you (Jason) has a blessed year ahead, have a GREAT 2010!

Happy Birthday smashpOp!

I want Kido Daruma from ActionCity!

I SO HOPE I can be one of the lucky ones to get these cute little Kido~~ *Always wanted one~ hope hope*

By the way, since there’s 4 colour, I’d hope I can get the PINK one if i’m lucky~ *It’s so cute it’s saying “YUMMY” which is SO ME~ FOOD is HEAVENLY! *


I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

When I see the name “GATSBY”, all that i could think of is TAKUYA KIMURA!

42904_200908281838501 Oh my, doesn't he just look GOOD?! *Too bad he doesn't show up in Malaysia*

Well, because of this CHARMING, I came to know about Gatsby brand few years ago but as far as I know, I knew only about their hair product (Yes, obviously can't have enough of Takuya Kimura~)...

New to my findings, now Gatsby not only have hair styling product, they also have hair coloring, face care, shaving and even body care products.

Fullscreen capture 1632010 94412 AM

This year Gatsby has come out with new Deodorant Series that provides double protection! In conjunction with it's launching promotion, Gatsby is having a DEODORANT STREET FAIR!!


Date: 17 April 2010
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, KL.

There are going to be lucky draws and there'll be various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs! Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day - Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator  battles and other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair!
For more information of this FUN street fair, log on to www.gatsby.com.my/streetfair

Oh my it sounds SO FUN already just by blogging about it! I'm so gonna show up, how bout you? Let's join the FUN!


I Just Love Good Smelling People

Have you ever stayed in winter cities where it's snowing outside and the wind is blowing? You couldn't  stand the temperature INDOOR unless you have a heater.

Do you know in some places (such as dormitory), you have to walk out to public bathroom to get a bath? Imagine walking out to a public bathroom just to have a bath UNDER the COLD FREEZING weather... Surely it's not a happy thing to do, right?  That's why you'll see people who bath only once in 3 days, or maybe a week!

You think it's UNBELIEVABLE? Well, wait till you're in a situation when you'll think you smell something weird as somebody walk pass you.

Well, that is in WINTER though, I think it's kinda hard to find a person that doesn't bath for days under the  HOT scorching weather of Malaysia, yes, an OVEN… Everyone would SWEAT A LOT! *Well, okay, provided you're not inside an air-cond place*

None the less, after you sweat, you have a kind of odour that well, not very pleasing and maybe it's OKAY to you, but definitely NOT for others around you! Especially when coincidentally you're standing in front of the air-cond, and the odour spreads to everyone near you...

Imagine you're inside an LRT or bus at peak hours, and somebody near you is holding the handle above thus the armpit is “open-aired”...

… Wait a minute, are YOU blushing now? Are YOU that person with odour instead?

MAYBE you think that PERFUME or COLOGNE will do the job of covering the odour. Trust me, it won't! In fact, the combination of COLOGNE + SWEAT = people could SMELL you from afar! (and it's really NOT pleasing)

So what can you do? Here's a solution:

adidas-action-3-deodorant-anti-transpirantAdidas Action Absorbent Anti-perspirant Deo Spray makes you SMELL FRESH & SMELL GOOD!

Try it out, and before you know it, you'll be so lovable that people like to hang out with you more!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS



回到马来西亚的这半年,再次有twitter access之后,我真的越来越少update blog了。只因为twitter,只要短短的一句statement就好,当然有时候140个字是不足够的。blog 如果只有短短的一句,像话吗?


不过嘛,这也不是这random post出现的主要原因。

有我的facebook/twitter/ 噗浪的朋友都可能发觉了我真的很喜欢看电影。*当然我可以发誓我认识的人里面,我绝对不是看电影最凶的那几位!* 


然后呢,最糟的状况就是当有多出来的两张票,姐姐或弟弟其中一个没兴趣看,那就得开始到处问人有谁想看的… 可是咧,sms了心中几个人选都不得空后,就PO在facebook/msn状态上看谁有兴趣,送票咯! 偏偏这种时候呢,大家都貌似没有看到这些status的。


而通常就在我status换上:「Sigh... Tired of asking who wants free tix for movie d.. It's either everyone's SO BUSY or they dont give a crap of other's status...」的时候,每一个潜水的人才会纷纷留言说他们要/为什么不问他们?

…到底是想怎样?! 送票又没人理,没票的时候就来问我有没有票,脑袋有毛病吗?真的都想骂靠腰




This weekend our very own City Harvest has a special guest in our midst, ALARICE!

Alarice is a singer-songwriter who was born in New Zealand to Singaporean parents, and grew up in Australia. The 23-year-old released her debut EP “Songs for a Season” in 2008, and sold over 3,000 copies within 6 months.

- Intro extracted from CHCKL bulletin

Frankly I've never heard of Alarice before this as I've been listening more of Chinese songs these few years. So this is the first time I heard her sing and her voice in awesome indeed!


Alarice performing her new song “Sunday Afternoon”…


Then after a short interview, she performed another song of hers, “Part the Seas” and a tribute to Michael Jackson, “Man In The Mirror”.

She's such a sweet and lovely girl with marvelous voice!

I've even took video of her two performance but as I tried to upload it to share (planning to share on Alarice's fan group) on FB,  I got this "Notification of Alleged Copyright Violation‏" saying the video was being removed as " it appears to contain copyrighted material owned by a third party, such as a video clip or background audio.  Please note that if you re-upload this video without filing a counter notice, or if you upload another video that infringes on the rights of a third party, we may remove the content. This could cause your access to the Facebook Video application, or your Facebook account itself, to be disabled." !!

=.=" what the heck~ Then how come Alarice's fanpage has other videos shared by fans?! It ain't easy uploading videos with Malaysia's internet connection, ya know? What ever... Better still, keep the videos to myself & save up my energy of uploading...

Anyway, if you wanna PREVIEW Alarice's music, you may visit her youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/alaricemusic

Or for more info, visit her official website: http://www.alaricemusic.com/alarice.html

Or better still, just go GRAB A COPY OF HER CD! –end of story-



前些日子跟一群朋友在家里小聚。吃完东西聊天后大家都不知道要干啥,结果就玩一下“Truth or Dare”。

这其实应该是个非常精彩刺激的游戏,可我们这一群人偏偏又不是那种很放得开来玩疯狂事情的人,truth的话,朋友那么多年了,也没什么事情大家会特别想知道的… 所以呢,就出现了这么一个非常无聊的问题:“请描述你的初吻。”

这个时候... 被问及的女生哑口无言,想了好久,然后回答了一句:记得是谁,可是还真不记得当时是什么状况了。