No Sweat!

Have you watched the movie “全城热恋热辣辣”(Hot Summer Days)?  Yes, when talk about SWEAT, it makes me think and relate to this movie! WHY?

If you have yet to watch, here's the trailer... Watch it, then you'll get my point..

Everyone SWEAT like mad, even by looking at the scenes itself makes me feel hot and sticky even though I was seating inside the cooling cinema that day. Whew

Ok, I know that's a little exaggerating, Malaysia's HOT but not as bad as the movie BUT for a person who sweats easily like me, ... It ain't a pretty scene *especially when I eat spicy food*

Yes, I LRed heartVE HOT & SPICY food, that's where all the aroma and spice are~ BUT I CANNOT TAHAN PEDAS, thus I'll keep sweating...  Imagine when you're eating spicy food in a place without air-cond, man.

NOW, with the new ADIDAS ACTION 3, makan pedas pun NO SWEAT!

Walk under hot sun also NO SWEAT!

HOT SUMMER DAYS (Obviously Malaysia's in summer 365days/year) pun NO SWEAT!!

What's more, I smell FRESH all the time~ Woohoo~ Don't you just LOVE the idea of looking cool and breezy all day long? Winking


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