I Just Love Good Smelling People

Have you ever stayed in winter cities where it's snowing outside and the wind is blowing? You couldn't  stand the temperature INDOOR unless you have a heater.

Do you know in some places (such as dormitory), you have to walk out to public bathroom to get a bath? Imagine walking out to a public bathroom just to have a bath UNDER the COLD FREEZING weather... Surely it's not a happy thing to do, right?  That's why you'll see people who bath only once in 3 days, or maybe a week!

You think it's UNBELIEVABLE? Well, wait till you're in a situation when you'll think you smell something weird as somebody walk pass you.

Well, that is in WINTER though, I think it's kinda hard to find a person that doesn't bath for days under the  HOT scorching weather of Malaysia, yes, an OVEN… Everyone would SWEAT A LOT! *Well, okay, provided you're not inside an air-cond place*

None the less, after you sweat, you have a kind of odour that well, not very pleasing and maybe it's OKAY to you, but definitely NOT for others around you! Especially when coincidentally you're standing in front of the air-cond, and the odour spreads to everyone near you...

Imagine you're inside an LRT or bus at peak hours, and somebody near you is holding the handle above thus the armpit is “open-aired”...

… Wait a minute, are YOU blushing now? Are YOU that person with odour instead?

MAYBE you think that PERFUME or COLOGNE will do the job of covering the odour. Trust me, it won't! In fact, the combination of COLOGNE + SWEAT = people could SMELL you from afar! (and it's really NOT pleasing)

So what can you do? Here's a solution:

adidas-action-3-deodorant-anti-transpirantAdidas Action Absorbent Anti-perspirant Deo Spray makes you SMELL FRESH & SMELL GOOD!

Try it out, and before you know it, you'll be so lovable that people like to hang out with you more!

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