爸爸不抱,小妞就放肆大哭~ 妈妈抱一样不受理。


梁子跟你结下了~ 猪队友!


Lactation Hot Chocolate

Am hungry now middle of the night, thus woke up after feeding le baby, and decided to have a try of my lactation hot chocolate~
There's 8 sachets in the box with 30g each.
It's made of premium cocoa powder, brown sugar, non-dairy creamer, alfalfa extract, Fenugreek extract and dates powder.
The effect is supposed to be so strong (as it's using extract), the recommended intake is only 1 sachet per day~
So I've added some milk with it, it taste almost exactly like the brownies as they're made of same ingredients. Taste yummy~
So let's see how's the production tomorrow? :)
Want to get a box of this hot choc?
WhatsApp me @ 0102719711 (COD Klang Bukit Tinggi).


Mom More Milk 常见问题

Mom More Milk 主要产品有:






蔓越莓和白巧克力粒哺乳饼干 & 燕麦和Hershey's 巧克力粒哺乳饼干有什么区别?





前3天,每天吃3-4片,然后每片喝一大杯水。 3天后,每天吃1-2片维持。吃超过这个推荐的摄入量不会造成问题。我还建议在开始另一个之前先完成饼干或布朗尼,看看哪一个更适合你。







但对于布朗尼,由于有采用如苜蓿和葫芦巴的乳酸菌草药成分;我们必须对有血糖和血压问题的母亲或有自身免疫障碍的母亲采取额外的谨慎态度,包括哺乳早产婴儿(婴儿仍然在NICU)的母亲,或有血糖和/或血压问题的母亲,或婴儿有G6PD缺陷的哺乳母亲。 2岁以下的小孩也不建议食用这布朗尼。


有兴趣购买Mom More Milk 产品的客户可Whatsapp 我 (Ms Sew) @ 0102719711 ,巴生Bukit Tinggi 区可面交,或到官方网站寻找最靠近你的代理吧~ :)

Mom More Milk Brownies

自从尝试了Mom More Milk的哺乳饼干后,感觉奶量的确有增加了;当然最重要的也是Mom More Milk 饼干是个健康的零嘴啊,吃了不会觉得有内疚感~ 呵呵 :)

所以我这一次又买了他家的哺乳布朗尼(而且一次过买特大装)和热可可~ 期待母乳冲冲冲啦~

Since I've tried Mom More Milk's lactation cookie previously, I feel that my breastmilk increased indeed. Most importantly, of course, is that this cookie is such a healthy snack I don't feel guilty consuming it. Haha :)

So this time I bought their Super Pumping Brownies (Jumbo pack somemore) and their lactation Hot Chocolate. Let's pump up the breastmilk~!!


Mom More Milk Lactation Cookies

Bought this lactation cookies through Applecrumby the other day, Oats and Hershey's Chocolate Chip cookie from Mom More Milk..

When the parcel arrived, I was so happy to see the cookies are individually packed so it's like a one bite thing.

With the Hershey's Chocolate Chip, seriously it's so tasty that I'm rather upset it only has 11pcs in one box~ tak cukup makan ni~ : p
I think my bm supply has increased a little, not much but I'm happy with it as snack cos it's so yummy~

Wanted to get the brownie ones but AF sold out, maybe I should get straight from MMM later.



聊了天下來發覺原來身邊不少女生中了迪斯尼那happily ever after的毒好深,貌似白馬王子會從天而降。


1. 你是不是要考慮不要一直跟一群單身女生混啊? 擴展一些 social life,跟男男女女一大夥一塊 hang out 絕對比永遠 girls' night out 有市場啊! 就算是 Gossip Girls 也會有男性友人,對吧~ (絕對不是教唆你跟劇裡一樣來者不拒啊...)

2. 不要永遠矜持只能男生做主動方。 雖然說女追男隔層紗,不過先聲明我不是在教唆你倒追男生啊! 話說現在的男生真的... 勇敢的很少啊,所以就算你是很害羞的小女生,爲了自身的幸福,看到心儀的男生的話,給些小暗示他說“來約我”。
如果他 get it 而真的約你了,雙方 happy 啊~
而如果他don't get it OR 拒絕你的“好意”,那你也知道別浪費時間啦... NEXT!

3. 開始list down 你喜歡的類型。就像買東西,你總要有個概念,當它出現了,你才會知道“就是你了!” 的感覺吧?
我相信愛情是日久生情,不是一見鍾情啦,所以有好男生,認識當朋友再注意品行為上策!(至少當年身邊所有男生,都會默默在心裡label 分上等貨、中等貨 OR “請離我遠一點”啦... 絕對不是在耍花癡哦!而是就算當朋友也要ngam key吧?)

4. 不要一直想爲什麽沒有人喜歡你,也要想想你有什麽地方值得人家要注意你,欣賞你?
如果你的target 是嫁個有錢人,那你也得拿出本錢來維持美貌和培養德行,可以襯得起有錢人吧?






On July, in conjunction of Maxmayo.com's birthday month, Maxmayo collaborated with Popmycase and had a giveaway!

Popmycase provides custom made premium prints phone case, for you to dress up your phone as you like!

You can upload your very own image, or choose from their available collection of Collaboration Cases.

And so I won this giveaway & placed my order.

Received it today with much thanks to Maxmayo & Popmycase!



Was waiting at the KTM, then this stray kitten came and sat beside me...
Cute little kitty then played with the antz and walked away..


Tickling My Tastebuds

It was Christmas and well, I will be celebrating alone in the place where Christmas is NOT a public holiday, the upper east coast of Malaysia... *You know where*

Anyhow, in order to give myself a tinge of Christmas spirit and warmth in the midst of my preparation for exam, I've decided to look around for a satisfying dinner on Christmas Day.

I searched on Foursquare, Facebook, and even drive around Kota Bharu... And I've found this cosy little Western restaurant at a middle of a rather quite street.


I saw their Christmas menu on their FB & so I've decided to have my Christmas meal there. Although I'm alone, I still called and made my reservation for safety sake.

On Christmas Day, it was raining but as I walked into Joe & Pepper, I was greeted warmly & I felt happy.
I've made my choice from the Christmas menu set & the food was served very quickly.
Starter.. Cream of Garbanzo soup (Chick pea)

The soup was very creamy and has a light taste of fresh chick pea, and the bread stick was made of parsley and pepper... Simple yet awesome with the fragrance of both~ Really appetizing!
Starter: Puff Pastry & Seaweed Chicken Salad
This puff is crispy on the outside, and juicy in the inside (tender chicken meat)..
The initial menu was the CHOICE of EITHER Garbanzo soup OR puff pastry, but due to the Christmas spirit, the owner decided to include BOTH in the set~ Superb!

Entrees: Pan Grilled Australian Rib Eye Steak
The main course was a choice between Pan Roasted Norwegian Salmon Fillet and this pan grilled rib eye steak. And I chose steak. As you can see, there's a thin slice of beef bacon on top of the steak, to increase the taste of the steak.
I ate them separately, and then together. Both taste juicy & delicious!

This is the side dish potato. Instead of the normal mashed potato, Joe & Pepper sliced it into thin slices of potato, and layered it with butter, like lasagna... It's really tasty with the fresh potato taste and unsalted butter & pepper... *I personally preferred salted butter in this case*

Dessert: French Opera Cake
Last but not least, the dessert! By the end of the main course, frankly I'm full. But yet again the chocolate-y piece of cake just managed to make its room in my stomach.. :P

Guess what? The best part of this satisfying meal is... It only cost me RM45~!! Woot!
So if you're in Kota Bharu & feel like having some nice Italian/Spanish meal, you could give Joe & Pepper a try.