Lactation Hot Chocolate

Am hungry now middle of the night, thus woke up after feeding le baby, and decided to have a try of my lactation hot chocolate~
There's 8 sachets in the box with 30g each.
It's made of premium cocoa powder, brown sugar, non-dairy creamer, alfalfa extract, Fenugreek extract and dates powder.
The effect is supposed to be so strong (as it's using extract), the recommended intake is only 1 sachet per day~
So I've added some milk with it, it taste almost exactly like the brownies as they're made of same ingredients. Taste yummy~
So let's see how's the production tomorrow? :)
Want to get a box of this hot choc?
WhatsApp me @ 0102719711 (COD Klang Bukit Tinggi).

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