how? put effort lah~

Lately, the most question I came across lately on facebook/meet-up is: "How do you get all the free tickets for movie?”

Please don't think that I have connections with anybody in cinemas or radio stations, if I have, I could have asked for concert tickets instead of just movie tickets.

But then, truth are always boring. In fact, just like any other way, you want something, just put in some EFFORT to GET IT, PLEASE~ To get movie tickets, I simply surf some websites, check out some contest & JOIN~!

Often, upon hearing this answer, my friends would show be the O_o look, saying I memang too free, have nothing better to do in life is it?

Seriously if you have time to hook on fb games, why isn't there time to surf some contest? I doubt some people won't have time for movie premier EVEN IF they are given movie passes just like that without needing to do anything.

…Well, what other respond could I expect from people who have no time for movie?  *And i frankly hope less people will join those contest so I get have higher chances of getting them anyway… bleh*


Astro Boy

Went to GSC 1 U yesterday for ASTRO BOY, courtesy of Cinema Online.

Well, I know the Astro Boy figure for quite some years but I never actually read the comic itself so I have NO idea what to expect than a robot boy that has strong power and rocket flame shoot out from his feet.

I went to watch this animation because it was voiced by Freddie Highmore, whom I like a lot~ But somehow it doesn't sound like he used to be, in his voice-changing phase, i suppose? Nicholas Cage, such a good actor as he is definitely brings out the soul of the regretful father.

Remake based on the original manga series by Osamu Tezuka in 1952: A powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Doctor Tenma, to replace his son Toby who died. *I didn't even KNOW about the existence of Toby or even the reason Astro Boy was made, until now*

Seriously, though it's a regretful story of losing a son but then to me, Toby is simply a think-he-knows-it-all show-off smart-ass brat! Whom though being warned and detained off inappropriate places yet still can get himself in the mess and thus leading to his death. *and who's being left behind with grief and regret? Yes, exactly, the FATHER.*

Cut the crap short,  set in the scene of futurama, you may still see how human beings are. Lazy till the point where almost EVERYTHING has to be done by robots. Selfish, poluting the earth then just leave the trash behind. Power-obsessed, will do anything that harm others as long as he himself has the authority and power. Human that lives in denial. *Sigh… Pathetic*

Yet, there's still quite a lot of little scenes that just make you laugh. The simple gesture of love children showed towards life, towards everything they have. Children that doesn't label others like adults. It's all about gratitude and love.

It's a simple story, not much of twist and turn. It's better than expected (for a person like me that is almost clueless about what it can offer). *Though I think the alien-invasion part in the end is kinda out-of-no-where and lame*

I think it's worth a watch if you're into simple animation story. Apparently there's Cantonese version available in certain cinemas with Nic Cage's part voiced by Aaron Kwok~!

Oh… Till NOW still I feel like smiling just by thinking of the cute robots~AstroBoy Astro Boy at GSC 1 Utama… *I wonder who's under the small outfit? A kid or a small-sized grown up?*


Ninja Assasin Attack!

RAIN the Ninja Assasinis COMING SOON!! YES, NINJA ASSASIN, NOT “Ninja”, that's another movie.

In conjunction with the upcoming movie, Warner Bros Pictures had a flash mob on Nov 14, 2009 at the orange entrance of Sunway Pyramid. The flash mob was scheduled at 6:30pm.

But then when i walked pass the orange entrance at 5:30pm, the Ninja Assasin truck was already there. And there's people waiting around the entrance…

Ninja truck one of the Ninja waiting

One of the Ninja chatting with friends while waiting…

At 6:30pm, the programme started with the stand-in emcee Patrick  giving out some Ninja Assasin MOVIE PASSES!! Well, there's actually quite simple to win them, just answer some simple questions, OR follow the Ninja do some NINJA ACTION! But then… The crowd is kinda *SHY* and not many people dare to go up to grab the FREE tickets, ended up the emcee even asked one of the tourists (in photograph with the kid) to join in.  Thank God the tourist uncle is spontaneous enough to join in even though his English isn't very good thus doesn't understand what the emcee was saying most of the time… *sweat*

NinjaAssasin 007_光影_1 NinjaAssasin 018_光影_1NinjaAssasin 015_光影_1

And when the movie passes were FINALLY ALL GIVEN OUT~ The Ninjas POSED for the crowd to take photos… *but only one KID dared to went up, what's wrong with the crowd, seriously? *

NinjaAssasin 020_光影_1

And the dance BEGAN~ Here's a video i took… Kinda shaky a bit having to avoid the video crew in front of me…

OKAY… I know you're wondering WHY it ALL STOPPED SO ABRUPTLY… For that, I'm SORRY because my camera OUT OF MEMORY~ *SHAME* sigh… Anywayz the Ninjas ended with a rather cool pose~

NinjaAssasin 025_光影_1

Three of the Ninjas are actually kinda cute thus I asked them to pose for me which they happily DID… BUT~ *sob* MY FAULT AGAIN… So excited that my hand shaked!! *slap in the head*

NinjaAssasin 027_光影_1NinjaAssasin 028_光影_1

But STILL they are cute… *if you can even see*

IF you missed this, and you want to brace yourself as Ninja Assassins engage in "Open Combat" ,you may check it out at  following locations in the next couple of weeks.

Nov 20 - Sunway Pyramid, Asia Cafe, USJ Summit
Nov 21 - Tropicana City Mall, Murni SS2, Paramount Nasi Lemak










2012 can wait?

It's Monday~ a for the weekend madness for 2012 is kinda eased a bit by now. Have you watch it yet?

You might have guess that a movie-freak such as me might have already grabbed my spot for it but you're SO WRONG! Yes, I have yet to watch the movie! Sigh…

Why so?

1. I was oficially sick on both Thursday and Friday and my sis thought it’s inappropriate for me to go public places.

2. I hate watching movies on the weekend because it meant CROWD & letting the cinemas earn that extra buck that wasn't needed as I'm not exactly that occupied sampai i cannot watch them on weekdays.

So since I can't make it for the hot weekend already, I might as well wait for a couple more days till Wed. As I asked my sis is she interested to watch, and another tempting part for her : Adam Lambert sang the movie theme!

Guess what she said: Why not wait until later? I guess now there's still a lot of people grabbing seats. My friends went the other day, queued for hours ended up not able to get the seats leh. I'm pretty sure 2012 will still be screening for quite some time. If you're in such a rush, why not go alone?

I'm speechless… Hello?! Wait lagi?!

1. Your friend went for the movie released WEEKEND~ OF COURSE IT'S FULL!

2. Don't you know there's online purchasing, booking & buying in-advance thingy?! Sigh… Go there queue when you're just in the mood for it, of course can't get ticket lah~ Duh~!! Want to go for mood, want blockbuster somemore… Get real!

3. Hello?! If I really go alone, you say i don't ask you. Now i ask you, you ask me go watch alone. What do you want oh?

Sien… Seriously that's how complicated to communicate between a movie-freak vs a whatever-movie-can-wait-artist.


Celebrating Elsa bday

今天是Elsa的生日,yay~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

自从college后,我们大家都没聚在一起帮人庆生了,所以昨天就来聚一聚啦~!在寿星的特别要求下, 我们到 Taipan, USJ的 Doarae Korean BBQ Reataurant。正餐吃完后,当然就少不了主角——生日蛋糕登场啦!

the birthday cake!

我们唱了一首很快的生日歌。哈哈,真的很快~ 应该少过6秒钟吧!哈哈,隔壁桌那些应该觉得我们好奇怪,唱生日歌也赶时间?

singing birthday song

之后,当然就是拍照咯~ 介绍省略,自己看照片:

IMG 054_光影_1

IMG 057_光影_1

IMG 058_光影_1


每个人都手拿一粒,可是都不敢放进嘴里… Lala为了替我们记录我们大家的“槟榔初体验”,还拍下了一小段video..(不过为了大伙的形象着想,我设了权限,只有我们的朋友才可以在facebook看到)



This Is IT

FINALLY went to watch Michael Jackson’s This Is IT . Been reading all the facebook status and tweet about how awesome & how great it is. Haha, obviously a lot of people watched the movie over Halloween weekend.


No doubt, it IS AWESOME. Memang the best behind-concert documentary ever.

Watching it, you understand the meaning of  PASSION. When the music starts playing, he’s READY for it. Giving his best in everything, even when it’s only rehersal.

INSPIRATION. Around him, EVERYONE is motivated and dedicated to give their BEST. Everyone feels proud just to be with him.

TEAMWORK. One goal. One dream.

LOVE. The LOVE for the earth, the love for his fans, the love for music.

ICON. Music that hits still after so many years.

KING of pop. Always keeping up his reputation, maintaining his voice, and his GROOVES. Looking at his rehersals, even at his 50, no young dancers can groove as good as the king himself.

Oh… The EARTH SONG… Simply LOVE the video they’ve prepared for the concert. Seriously IMPACT.

BIG APPLAUSE for This Is It..!


A Thousand Splendid Suns


A Thousand Splendid Suns,Khaled Hosseini继The Kite Runner后之作。






在重重困难下为了自己的孩子牺牲一切的妈妈。甚至在没有麻药的情况下剖腹生产... 感叹女人的伟大和坚韧。