Astro Boy

Went to GSC 1 U yesterday for ASTRO BOY, courtesy of Cinema Online.

Well, I know the Astro Boy figure for quite some years but I never actually read the comic itself so I have NO idea what to expect than a robot boy that has strong power and rocket flame shoot out from his feet.

I went to watch this animation because it was voiced by Freddie Highmore, whom I like a lot~ But somehow it doesn't sound like he used to be, in his voice-changing phase, i suppose? Nicholas Cage, such a good actor as he is definitely brings out the soul of the regretful father.

Remake based on the original manga series by Osamu Tezuka in 1952: A powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Doctor Tenma, to replace his son Toby who died. *I didn't even KNOW about the existence of Toby or even the reason Astro Boy was made, until now*

Seriously, though it's a regretful story of losing a son but then to me, Toby is simply a think-he-knows-it-all show-off smart-ass brat! Whom though being warned and detained off inappropriate places yet still can get himself in the mess and thus leading to his death. *and who's being left behind with grief and regret? Yes, exactly, the FATHER.*

Cut the crap short,  set in the scene of futurama, you may still see how human beings are. Lazy till the point where almost EVERYTHING has to be done by robots. Selfish, poluting the earth then just leave the trash behind. Power-obsessed, will do anything that harm others as long as he himself has the authority and power. Human that lives in denial. *Sigh… Pathetic*

Yet, there's still quite a lot of little scenes that just make you laugh. The simple gesture of love children showed towards life, towards everything they have. Children that doesn't label others like adults. It's all about gratitude and love.

It's a simple story, not much of twist and turn. It's better than expected (for a person like me that is almost clueless about what it can offer). *Though I think the alien-invasion part in the end is kinda out-of-no-where and lame*

I think it's worth a watch if you're into simple animation story. Apparently there's Cantonese version available in certain cinemas with Nic Cage's part voiced by Aaron Kwok~!

Oh… Till NOW still I feel like smiling just by thinking of the cute robots~AstroBoy Astro Boy at GSC 1 Utama… *I wonder who's under the small outfit? A kid or a small-sized grown up?*

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