2012 can wait?

It's Monday~ a for the weekend madness for 2012 is kinda eased a bit by now. Have you watch it yet?

You might have guess that a movie-freak such as me might have already grabbed my spot for it but you're SO WRONG! Yes, I have yet to watch the movie! Sigh…

Why so?

1. I was oficially sick on both Thursday and Friday and my sis thought it’s inappropriate for me to go public places.

2. I hate watching movies on the weekend because it meant CROWD & letting the cinemas earn that extra buck that wasn't needed as I'm not exactly that occupied sampai i cannot watch them on weekdays.

So since I can't make it for the hot weekend already, I might as well wait for a couple more days till Wed. As I asked my sis is she interested to watch, and another tempting part for her : Adam Lambert sang the movie theme!

Guess what she said: Why not wait until later? I guess now there's still a lot of people grabbing seats. My friends went the other day, queued for hours ended up not able to get the seats leh. I'm pretty sure 2012 will still be screening for quite some time. If you're in such a rush, why not go alone?

I'm speechless… Hello?! Wait lagi?!

1. Your friend went for the movie released WEEKEND~ OF COURSE IT'S FULL!

2. Don't you know there's online purchasing, booking & buying in-advance thingy?! Sigh… Go there queue when you're just in the mood for it, of course can't get ticket lah~ Duh~!! Want to go for mood, want blockbuster somemore… Get real!

3. Hello?! If I really go alone, you say i don't ask you. Now i ask you, you ask me go watch alone. What do you want oh?

Sien… Seriously that's how complicated to communicate between a movie-freak vs a whatever-movie-can-wait-artist.

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