This Is IT

FINALLY went to watch Michael Jackson’s This Is IT . Been reading all the facebook status and tweet about how awesome & how great it is. Haha, obviously a lot of people watched the movie over Halloween weekend.


No doubt, it IS AWESOME. Memang the best behind-concert documentary ever.

Watching it, you understand the meaning of  PASSION. When the music starts playing, he’s READY for it. Giving his best in everything, even when it’s only rehersal.

INSPIRATION. Around him, EVERYONE is motivated and dedicated to give their BEST. Everyone feels proud just to be with him.

TEAMWORK. One goal. One dream.

LOVE. The LOVE for the earth, the love for his fans, the love for music.

ICON. Music that hits still after so many years.

KING of pop. Always keeping up his reputation, maintaining his voice, and his GROOVES. Looking at his rehersals, even at his 50, no young dancers can groove as good as the king himself.

Oh… The EARTH SONG… Simply LOVE the video they’ve prepared for the concert. Seriously IMPACT.

BIG APPLAUSE for This Is It..!

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kenwooi said...

i havent watch the movie yet also.. =P