Ninja Assasin Attack!

RAIN the Ninja Assasinis COMING SOON!! YES, NINJA ASSASIN, NOT “Ninja”, that's another movie.

In conjunction with the upcoming movie, Warner Bros Pictures had a flash mob on Nov 14, 2009 at the orange entrance of Sunway Pyramid. The flash mob was scheduled at 6:30pm.

But then when i walked pass the orange entrance at 5:30pm, the Ninja Assasin truck was already there. And there's people waiting around the entrance…

Ninja truck one of the Ninja waiting

One of the Ninja chatting with friends while waiting…

At 6:30pm, the programme started with the stand-in emcee Patrick  giving out some Ninja Assasin MOVIE PASSES!! Well, there's actually quite simple to win them, just answer some simple questions, OR follow the Ninja do some NINJA ACTION! But then… The crowd is kinda *SHY* and not many people dare to go up to grab the FREE tickets, ended up the emcee even asked one of the tourists (in photograph with the kid) to join in.  Thank God the tourist uncle is spontaneous enough to join in even though his English isn't very good thus doesn't understand what the emcee was saying most of the time… *sweat*

NinjaAssasin 007_光影_1 NinjaAssasin 018_光影_1NinjaAssasin 015_光影_1

And when the movie passes were FINALLY ALL GIVEN OUT~ The Ninjas POSED for the crowd to take photos… *but only one KID dared to went up, what's wrong with the crowd, seriously? *

NinjaAssasin 020_光影_1

And the dance BEGAN~ Here's a video i took… Kinda shaky a bit having to avoid the video crew in front of me…

OKAY… I know you're wondering WHY it ALL STOPPED SO ABRUPTLY… For that, I'm SORRY because my camera OUT OF MEMORY~ *SHAME* sigh… Anywayz the Ninjas ended with a rather cool pose~

NinjaAssasin 025_光影_1

Three of the Ninjas are actually kinda cute thus I asked them to pose for me which they happily DID… BUT~ *sob* MY FAULT AGAIN… So excited that my hand shaked!! *slap in the head*

NinjaAssasin 027_光影_1NinjaAssasin 028_光影_1

But STILL they are cute… *if you can even see*

IF you missed this, and you want to brace yourself as Ninja Assassins engage in "Open Combat" ,you may check it out at  following locations in the next couple of weeks.

Nov 20 - Sunway Pyramid, Asia Cafe, USJ Summit
Nov 21 - Tropicana City Mall, Murni SS2, Paramount Nasi Lemak

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