how? put effort lah~

Lately, the most question I came across lately on facebook/meet-up is: "How do you get all the free tickets for movie?”

Please don't think that I have connections with anybody in cinemas or radio stations, if I have, I could have asked for concert tickets instead of just movie tickets.

But then, truth are always boring. In fact, just like any other way, you want something, just put in some EFFORT to GET IT, PLEASE~ To get movie tickets, I simply surf some websites, check out some contest & JOIN~!

Often, upon hearing this answer, my friends would show be the O_o look, saying I memang too free, have nothing better to do in life is it?

Seriously if you have time to hook on fb games, why isn't there time to surf some contest? I doubt some people won't have time for movie premier EVEN IF they are given movie passes just like that without needing to do anything.

…Well, what other respond could I expect from people who have no time for movie?  *And i frankly hope less people will join those contest so I get have higher chances of getting them anyway… bleh*

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