Personalized Bracelet by littletrinketco

Came across this personalized bracelet website the other day, with a very pretty name: The Little Trinket Company.


I LOVE pretty and sweet stuff, and so I clicked in to have a look at its variety of  charms. They all seems so delicate & sweet I couldn’t help it but browse through those pictures, apparently there's more than 150 different charms to choose from!

No matter how pretty all those chams are, being girls there's always some specific things that'll catches your eyes in that very instance, JUST like that~

imageI love this key charm, it looks like a key to those key to a secret garden somewhere in a big elegant mansion in England...  Well, no matter how old you are, girls being girls always have a fairy tale of her own. :P

 imageI love the charm of a pair of wings, it's like ANGEL, giving you dream and hope of “what if...?”Just by the simple charm in a shape of wings, gives me the serenity of flying and soaring up high like an eagle, the vision of freedom, the dream of achieving great heights in life. ♥

 imageThis charm of old ticking clocks, reminds me of the old antique clock I once see at home. Just by listening the ticking of the clock, quietly, slowly yet it is forever moving. Sometimes you feel as if you need to run ahead, competing with time but yet when you come to think of it, what is the meaning of it competing with time? Everyone has his own time frame, when the time is up, what is there you could do to prevent or stop it? Might as well learn to adjust your lifestyle, have some small break between stressing moments, and you'll find Life is GOOD~!

  image Amongst all the old rusty or silvery charm look, I find a little touch of red attractive. After all, LOVE is always an inspiration and motivation throughout life~

Oh... Just by looking at the pictures of the charms, made me feel like getting one of the personalized bracelet for myself... *think think* After all, they're having a promotion now “10% off with purchases of RM100 and above”...

Apparently they now also have a facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/littletrinketco  or you may also follow them on twitter www.twitter.com/littletrinketco

I definitely will follow their tweets and facebook for discounts and updates from now on...  (∩_∩)

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