100 good things in my life 2009

It's the last weekend of 2009! Few days ago in church service, Esther shared about reflect back of 2009 and try to list down the 100 things God has blessed you with and to be thankful of... BEFORE you start off with your New Year resolution for 2010!

So now here I am, trying to list down the 100 good things in 2009:

  1. First of all, of course is that I FINALLY GRADUATED!! Yeah..
  2. Back to Malaysia is like home sweet home, well, yeah though there's some flaws...
  3. Back to City Harvest and get to know new beautiful peeps~
  4. Tried skiing, ice-skating & even snorkelling for once~!
  5. Finally finished reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns". Thank God for good novels! Thank God for letting me live & grow in a country that has freedom!
  6. Went for a movie on Chinese New Year Eve with ALL my cousins~ Seriously, all 11 of us WITHOUT adults! Haha… First time ever, FUN!
  7. Met bro's gf Maggie for the first time~ & she's spending Chinese New Year with us~ She's really a VERY SWEET girl~
  8. Feb 1- Had a family trip to Malacca , walking down the lanes of history is FUN!
  9. Went to Little Genting for the first time with cousins & siblings…
  10. March 21- Had a chance to attend a sharing time with a barista in Starbucks Shanghai, and learnt some REALLY BASIC stuff about coffee~
  11. March 28- Earth Hour... Thank God for friends who's willing to participate with me in this crazy idea of switching off all our electrical equipments for one hour *but we were so happy with the fellowship by the time we realised it's 2-hours later* and have our dinner and fellowship under few candlelights...
  12. Visited the Barbie House in Shanghai~ Seriously it's a heaven for little girl's PINK BARBIE PRINCESS DREAM~
  13. April 25- Had a trip with China classmates to Zhang Jia Jie, and got to know 2 new fun friends along the trip~
  14. May 28- Had a trip to Shaoxing with few friends, photographing a lot, walked A LOT! Thanks to Cecin, Wendy, Hatori & sotong for being patience with my poor stamina.
  15. Stayed in youth hostel & a very special motel for the first time…
  16. Had a free ticket and ride to a concert in Hangzhou West Lake during the Shaoxing trip.. Just for the sake of listening to Joanna Wong LIVE!
  17. June 6- Being invited by the Consule General to dinner with other Malaysian peeps to celebrate Agung's birthday. Thank God for country mates in foreign land!
  18. June - Trip with daddy & sis around Shanghai (Hangzhou-Suzhou-Nanjing-Wuxi-Wuzhen)before convo... Although I need to be the finance controller of throughout the trip~
  19. July 14-在巴士上,让了位置给一位胖胖的阿公,结果阿嫲在旁边一直说谢谢... 看着阿公阿嫲开心地笑,自己也很开心... :)
  20. June 17- A meet up with Jenn in Shanghai! Thank you God for such a wonderful mentor that thinks about meeting me in her midst of business trip..*grin* First friend that ever contacted me when she visits Shanghai... & this is her 2nd time *hug*
  21. June 27- Thank God for seniors and friends whom show up for my convo in their midst of busy schedule & exams... Will miss you peeps lots!
  22. Went to Bon Odori, FINALLY after so many years. Thank God for various cultures.
  23. Bought a new camera.
  24. Bought a new mobile phone.
  25. Aug 14-Went to FHM2009 with senior.... Wow, SUPER COOL~ Lotsa food manufacturer & of course, FOOD TESTING~~!! Thank God for good food!
  26. Went to Cameron Highlands with aunt & cousins to GMSJ's  family camp~ It's been like YEARS since i last went to Cameron!
  27. Aug 27- Went to Genting with aunt & cousins again, again, it's a very long time since my last visit~
  28. Aug 28-Watched "Aliens in the Attic" with my GSC birthday voucher...
  29. Aug 31-Donated blood in church today... Yay yay... 1st time after 5 yrs! Thank God for good health that I can donate blood! & Elsa donated blood with me, first time in her life!!
  30. Sept 3- Got a free sample of Anna Sui Moisture Rich Base
  31. Sept 5- had a *belated* birthday cake surprise today at cell group... Thank God for bro & sis in Christ
  32. Sept 13- dim sum buffet in Golden Horse, the Mines! First time here, and it's FREE~ as aunt has voucher for it!
  33. Sept 15- Premier screening tic for "G-FORCE"...*and got another 2 free tickets again the day after i watched it*
  34. Sept 17- Free pass for media screening of "(500) Days of Summer"
  35. Sept 25- Church painting~ FUN!
  36. Sept 28- Won a copy of "Disgraced" by Andrew Crofts and Saira Ahmed, courtesy of RedFM & Borders.
  37. Oct 3- WON a FREE TUB of ice-cream from New Zealand Naturals through twitter!!
  38. Oct 5-2 free tickets for SURROGATES, courtesy of MixFM
  39. Oct 9 -Went to Medan mission trip, got to know lots of beautiful peeps...
  40. Kezia Morla & her family that is so hospitable and give so much after they've lost so much in the earthquake! I'm blessed to know you wonderful peeps..   “We just thank God that He've given us so much that what little that we have now we should still bless others that need it”
  41. Peggy – Drove all the way from Medan just to contribute his part to the needy in Padang. Thank you for your hospibility to drive us around & the patience to communicate with us despite our language difference.
  42. Oct 12- got premier tickets for WhiteOut, though didn't manage to watch it but still it's happy just to win something...
  43. Nov 1- A free cute little 20g box packet of cornflakes that comes with my McD breakfast~ Free little extra stuff always brightens the day, what's more it happens at breakfast! :)
  44. Nov 3- Won a novel + 2 tickets of Time Traveler's Wife~
  45. Nov 8- Free screening of "Phobia 2"
  46. Nov 9- Had a birthday dinner for Elsa, with a bunch of college friends.. Thank God for birthdays, that friends will try their best to meet up!
  47. Nov 18-got  FOUR '2012' cinepasses, courtesy of RedFM
  48. Nov 18- Premier tickets for "Astro Boy"
  49. Nov 22-24 Great time of EMERGE~ Had a great time listening to Pst Kong~
  50. Had photos with Alexis Gan, Will Tan & Anthony~ Woohoo...
  51. Tried ushering for the first time in EMERGE!
  52. Nov 25-Premier tix for "Ninja Assassins"
  53. Nov 27-Won 3 passes for "Planet 51"
  54. Dec 3- Went to Wet World with cousins and other kids from the VBS camp~ kids+water=fun~~
  55. Dec 5-Attended Stacy & Perk Lin's wedding~ First friend-wedding I attended~ Thank God for marriage, looking at beautiful couples on the altar, revives the spirit of love in us!
  56. Dec 7-tickets for Princess and the Frog
  57. Dec 8-Met up with Liesl & Arashi, collecting out memories of Christmas together in Shanghai... Thank God for old friends...
  58. Dec 8- Tickets for "Zombieland" , took photos with a bunch of wonderful peeps who dressed up as zombies~ IMG_1811_光影_1
  59. Dec 11- Had a beautiful trip to Krabi with college mates, FINALLY a trip together after all these years!
  60. Dec 15-FREE BOOK~ "The Last Pope" by Luís Miguel Rocha...Haven't collected it though...
  61. Dec 16- Premier tickets to AVATAR
  62. Dec 17- went visited grandaunt in Ayer Tawar after so many years...
  63. Dec 18-I JUST got an email from The Little Trinket Company saying my blogpost http://ping.fm/COUHE has won myself a personalized bracelet~! WAH~~!!!
  64. Dec 19- visitation to orphanage with Community Care team, it's a joy to see the kids being happy~
  65. Dec 20-Met ShiYun in church today... Haha, after so many yrs of not meeting, happy to see secondary school frens in Ipoh in same church~
  66. Dec 24- Thank God for good friends that's willing to help & succesfully finding the "Legendary Penguin Tumbler" of  Starbucks in Shanghai, that has been SOLD OUT throughout all other South East Asia countries!
  67. Dec 25- Being given a movie treat by friend to "Bodyguards & Assasins"
  68. Dec 28- Free movie tickets for "Have You Heard About the Morgans"
  69. Dec 26- Met up with Sam, after 2 years of not meeting, thank God for such a good friend~ IMG_2752
  70. Dec 30- Celebrating grandma's 80th birthday. Thank God for her good health & good spirit~ 
  71. Debbie, such a beautiful girl that brings me back to cell group with such wonderful people~
  72. Tom & Tai Loong for the sms to keep track of me every week~ XD
  73. See Yan, for always allocating time to meet up with me even when she's busy.
  74. Daddy, for being my provider still...
  75. My dearie aunties & uncle that always take good care of us & help us out.
  76. Thank God for all the free movie tickets that I can have more time with siblings or friends, watching movies together *yet saved up quite some money*
  77. Thank God for family members that though ain't perfect but is still a big and important portion of my life~
  78. Thank God for friends (Yunjia, Yongxiang, Yunfei, Samantha, Cecin, Sotong)that made beutiful memories with me *whom I'm  starting to miss our lives going all around places searching for delicious food & beautiful places, taking photos together*
  79. Thank God for seniors whom are very willing to help us out in our studies though they're not obliged to do so~
  80. Thank God for twitter, that I can read back & review what I've done in the past year!

Haha... Ok, I can only list 80 out of 100~ Not a bad start though... I believe next year I can have more blessings & things that I can list out & to be thankful of~!

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