My Valentine's Day

As most movie lover would know, there's an upcoming movie with cast that will make your head spinning! Yes, it's “Valentine's Day”!


The movie’s about the intertwining storylines of a group of Los Angelinos as they find their way through romance over the course of one Valentine’s Day.

Yes, as you can see from the poster, the movie is directed by veteran filmmaker Garry Marshall, the film stars Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel , Bradley Cooper , Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey , Hector Elizondo , Academy Award® winner Jamie Foxx , Jennifer Garner , Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway , Ashton Kutcher , Queen Latifah , Taylor Lautner, George Lopez , Shirley MacLaine , Emma Roberts , Julia Roberts and  Taylor Swift!

Oh my oh my~ And what's BETTER?! Nuffnang is giving out 80 pairs of Premiere tickets!! *Provided I completed a very creative blogpost, that is... then I'd  STAND A CHANCE to it~*

So if I were to pick a cast from the movie to spend my Valentine's with... *Wow, there's a whole LOT of “juicy” picks~ * I'd pick  Anne Hathaway!! *Not to worry, I'm not lesbian, I like guys*


I know, I know, why NOT pick  a hot guy such as Ashton Kutcher instead? Well, it does come into my consideration but... He's too cute that I think I might get a blood-rush to my brain and fainted OR I'll be too shy to say ANYTHING at all, which might bore him to death & wasted  a good day!

Still, why Anne Hathaway? Because she's smart, she's pretty & hype~ Yes, I LOVE her to the max since her first “Princess Dairies”, “Ella Enchanted”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Becoming Jane”, etc... *in awe*

To me, Valentine's is a day of sharing and appreciating your loved ones, so it'll still be a lovely day even if you're sharing with a best friend, your family or loved ones~ What's more, as EVERY Malaysian KNOWS, THIS YEAR'S Valentine's is the SAME DAY as CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! So, instead of spending it as couples-day, I'd rather spend it with my family members!

Oh my… Sorry for the ramblings and not going into the main topic of how I'll spend a day with Anne Hathaway~ So since it's Valentine's Day cum Chinese New Year, I'd love to have her spending the Valentine's with the New Year festive celebration, the Chinese way.

As the usual routine, we'll have the traditional mee suah in the morning for breakfast, then go visit relatives and get some ang paos~ *Would it be the first time Anne receives any ang paos?* After the relative visits, then probably we'll go watch “Valentine's Day” together(?) like BFFs~

Later we could go some malls in KL (definitely VERY FEW PEOPLE so will be FREE TO WALK) and take pictures with the New Year decors, it'll be LOVELY!! Probably she'll get to see her first lion dance performance if we're lucky~ Then after dinner, we could head back home for the night's MAIN EVENT: Fireworks!!  *Hehe..*

I'd say it might be a very normal Chinese New Year routine for most of us even if it's ngam ngam on Valentine's Day BUT for Anne Hathaway, I think it'll ve a VERY SPECIAL experience & that's the most important —— Making your date of the day HAPPY!!

So Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! And a Happy Chinese New Year!