Mom More Milk Brownies

自从尝试了Mom More Milk的哺乳饼干后,感觉奶量的确有增加了;当然最重要的也是Mom More Milk 饼干是个健康的零嘴啊,吃了不会觉得有内疚感~ 呵呵 :)

所以我这一次又买了他家的哺乳布朗尼(而且一次过买特大装)和热可可~ 期待母乳冲冲冲啦~

Since I've tried Mom More Milk's lactation cookie previously, I feel that my breastmilk increased indeed. Most importantly, of course, is that this cookie is such a healthy snack I don't feel guilty consuming it. Haha :)

So this time I bought their Super Pumping Brownies (Jumbo pack somemore) and their lactation Hot Chocolate. Let's pump up the breastmilk~!!

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