Happy Birthday smashpOp!

Everybody got a chance in a year to YELL out to the world that “It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!” and well, you could basically do ANYTHING to celebrate it the way you like~

This 21st of March, it’s yet again Lengzai SmashPop’s BIRTHDAY!!  And YES he’s giving out 4 VERY CUTE Kido Daruma, in collaboration with Actioncity~ !! oh my oh my~!!

So I would like to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may you (Jason) has a blessed year ahead, have a GREAT 2010!

Happy Birthday smashpOp!

I want Kido Daruma from ActionCity!

I SO HOPE I can be one of the lucky ones to get these cute little Kido~~ *Always wanted one~ hope hope*

By the way, since there’s 4 colour, I’d hope I can get the PINK one if i’m lucky~ *It’s so cute it’s saying “YUMMY” which is SO ME~ FOOD is HEAVENLY! *

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