My Date Night

There's this upcoming movie called "The Date Night", starring Steve Carell & Tina Fey. It's about how the couple's day night out turned out to be an unforgetable run and hide event!
My most memorable date was back in college, 20.6.2003, the day before "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix" was launched! Haha… *You know how memorable is THAT, I even remember the DATE~*
Well, since me and my date are huge Harry Potter fans, we wanna grab hold of the book as soon as possible, and what's more, Kinokuniya KLCC was giving out GREAT discounts for the first 100 customers!
So that afternoon after class, we've just decided we'll be psycho ONCE for the sake of the book, we decided to go QUEUE and WAIT!
But back then being normal college students WITHOUT a car, we left our college in the evening and went to KLCC for dinner. We know it'll be a VERY LONG night waiting, so we've decided to watch a mid-night show... I've forgot what's the name of the Indian movie though. *Yes, as we've been hanging around in cinemas after class weekly, the only movie that interested us and left unseen is an Indian movie~ and the best part is IT'S 3-HOUR-LONG so our wait outside could be shorter*
By the time the movie finished it was about 2AM. Without public transport, we couldn't go anywhere, not that we want to anyway so we basically WAITED OUTSIDE KLCC... We've walked around, played some cards and then decided to sit down and read some novels. *Thank God for BOOKS*
We thought there would be a lot of crazy people like us waiting for the whole night but apparently the first crazy person didn't show up until it's 4:30AM… *The other humans we saw throughout the night were the security guards and the janitors..*
Anyhow, after the first person show up, there's more people showing up as time passes, with their parents or grandparents being dragged up early in the morning to send them there...
Before the entrance of KLCC was opened, there's already a HUGE crowd squeezing in front of it, including us. And the MOMENT the door was opened... *BOOM* EVERYONE PUSHED & RAN like there's a tiger behind and we're RUNNING FOR OUR LIVES~ *We have to RUN UP the NOT MOVING ESCALATOR*
You can see slippers flying slippers then being abandoned because the owner just keep running up!
*deep breath* THANK GOODNESS by the time we ran up to the 3rd floor and queue up, we were customer 95-97~!!! Yay yay yay~ and we all got our book at GREAT discount~!!
THAT was a GREAT NIGHT out~!! Oops.. Did I mentioned that my crazy dateS were TWO crazy GIRLS?! Miss you girls so much~!! *Hey, nobody set a rule that your date MUST be a guy and MUST be only one person, right?*
Nuffnang is giving away 90 pairs of tickets to "Date Night", I hope I can get the tickets so I can watch it (on behalf of the girls)~ *and who knows MAYBE this time my date would be a cute GUY? XD*

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