Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

I still remember when pizza was simple & the all-time-favourite is always Hawaiian Pizza (ans still is my all-time fav up till this day)...

But Pizza Hut is always full of surprises & brings us NEW FLAVOUR to spice up our taste bud! Now, Pizza Hut is introducing a new pizza this month! Behold the FISH KING Pizza!!


After such a long time of not having pizza, I am so tempted to go have a try after reading so many interesting reviews from peeps such as KYSpeaks.com. Wanted to bring Kiddo for his birthdayParty since he LRed heartVES fish stick SO MUCH but due to his class hours & my busy schedule lately, I decided to make it pending & go to have a try myself first...

Went out with sis today to Sunway Pyramid & since we are to settle lunch outside, I've decided to belanja her for Pizza~! *How am I suppose to finish it alone?*

Lunch hour just started as we walked into Pizza Hut so there's plenty of seats for us to pick & seat (before the crowd starts)... We ordered a King Fish Combo Set 1 for 2 person, that comes with garlic breadstick, 2x mushroom soup & 2x coke.


We warmed up our empty stomch with the starters... and soon the PIZZA CAME~




fish stick looks so BIG & delicious~ KING FISH-licious!!! *Now i'm 100% sure Kiddo will LOVE IT*

Well, of course BEFORE we destroy the pizza, take a model pic with it first~ Look so YUMMY, right? Haha... Even the uncle at the back also cemburu d cos he tak dapat makan!! Big Grin(Sorry I'm not sure what's the name of this intrument player on the wall...) IMG_1858 copy-1

And as we cut it off...


MOZERELLA CHEESE~~ Oh the LONG CHEESY~ Just LOVE IT the way it is!

When we started eating, sis ate politely... But the pizza was so KING-FISH-LICIOUS that after half of it, she started using her fingers & *arghm...*

IMG_1863 IMG_1866

Where as for me... As the kinda opposite as we are, I started eating with my hands... *So not lady~* and first piece vanished very fast!


Then only I decide to eat politely on my second slice of it, for a proper pic... *But kinda late, I think... reputation gone on first pic...*

King Fish Momento is REALLY GOOD~ I'm so gonna take Kiddo for his belated birthday meal again~!!

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jfook said...

All the best! Hope you can win but it's competitive. Haha.

kenwooi said...

all the best =)

theeggyolks said...

good luck :D