After last month's incident of car breaking down and being stuck in front of church, I've been rather careful hoping it won't happen again.

BUT... BUT... IT HAPPENED AGAIN~!!! *NOOOOOo~~~*Surprise

Same Sunday morning, arrived in church same time, parked the same spot... and.. the car couldn't start AGAIN as I was leaving church! It's almost like a dejavu all over again!

The only difference this time is that I went to the car earlier, and there's still some people in church...I THOUGHT the car battery dry up again. *Ok I admit that even though I should have, I didn't really check the water level of the car battery for the past whole month since the last incident*

Then as I checked the water level... It's not dry eh... Then how come? Later only did I realised it was because I left the light on when I left the car few hours ago... *sigh, TOTALLY FORGOT about it!*

Then i sms Tai Loong AGAIN & he came to the rescue with the JUMPER CABLE...  Sorry for bothering you everytime & THANK YOU for helping me everytime! Happy *and thank you Mr Security for helping my car also! *

Lesson learnt: Never leave the car light on when you leave the car... & TIME TO CHANGE A NEW BATTERY!!

dividing line

After story: Changed the battery IMMEDIATELY on the following day.

After after story: Got a news that the kind-hearted Tai Loong's beloved new car, the white Honda Civic WTL 2002 that jump-start-saved my car was being stolen... Sad

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geNe said...

u shud be more careful nxt time. =)