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"BFF"(Best Friends Forever)... I'm pretty sure lots of ya seen this word often used to describe close friends, especially GIRLS. Weird tho, I personally don't really fancy using the term of bff though i'm a girl.

Anyway, that doesn't mean I don't have close friends. Yes, I do have various close friends at different stages of life, and I love every one of these girls in my life.

I once wrote about a crazy night out back in my college days, one of my most memorable ones. So who were the crazy girls back then? Well, they're none other than the forever-so-madness Hanee & the quiet yet sporting Dai!

I still remember going to watch the Irish tap dance performance "River Dance" with them in Bukit Jalil~ AWESOME TIME!

Over the years even after college days Hanee & Dai became such close friends of mine, that we stayed in different places (Klang,  Seremban & Kulim), we'll have stay over at each others' house & their family members knows me, vice versa. We're such best buddy that when Hanee's sister got married, all of us went to the wedding...

me, Dai, Jill, Hanee & Lau

and few years later when Hanee's brother got marry, we're all the way to Kulim for it! That was the first time I wore saree! *shy* Dai, me, Hanee & SallyThe funny part of the wedding preparation was throughout the wedding preparation while we stayed over at Hanee's, I'm the only Chinese in the house. So while even Sally & Dai joined in the conversation in Tamil, the only thing I could do is watch the subtitles of the Bollywood film… LOL

Now that Hanee, Dai & Sally are still studying overseas, we'd try our best to meet up still every summer when they comes back, either travelling up or down.

Pasta Zanmai @ MidValley 2009

Now that FAVOLA @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur is giving out chances to win a free meal for four, I'd like to invite Hanee, Dai & Sally! As Sally's graduating this summer while Hanee's birthday's coming up! It'll sure be a memorable meal at a special place!

Miss you girls~ Anticipating to meet you girls again this summer!

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