Jay Chou as Bruce Lee?

Saw a news on facebook this afternoon ...

Mandarin Films Distribution announced that discussions are underway to shoot IP MAN 3 with singer Jay Chou and Donnie Yen. Mr. Chou may play martial arts legend Bruce Lee...

Whether it's true or not, a lot of quick response were splurted across the wall of this status...

And interesting enough, later tonight I've found out a group "假如周杰伦饰演李小龙一角,我们就杯葛叶问3" was created saying if Jay Chou were to act as Bruce Lee, they'll boycott Ip Man 3!


For those who couldn't read Chinese, the description's basically:

In our hearts, Bruce Lee couldn't be portrayed by a person who doesn't look like him at all. Especially a person whom has only one expression & can't act like Jay Chou. We insist not wanting him to appear in Ip Man 3.

Hereby we'd like to tell the director that if Jay Chou appear in Ip Man 3 as Bruce Lee, we will definitely boycott Ip Man 3.

Mr Jay Chou, please don't spoil the image of Bruce Lee. Your performance will be a guarantee disaster for the film.

Personally I don't mind whether or not Jay Chou portrays Bruce Lee but... Me, just like those who joined the group, isn't interested to see him in Donnie Yen's movie. I mean... He'll spoil all the "yeng"-ness of Donnie Yen!

I don't mind seeing Jay Chou in romance movie such as his "Secret" but seriously, ACTION? Sigh... Of all we know so far most of the film he participated didn't have good review. Ok, to be fair, maybe it's the script-writer's problem.

But then again I doubt the protest on facebook will have any say of whether Jay Chou's gonna portray Bruce Lee as there's so many Jay Chou fans out there are still willing to pay to watch him. And for my case, I'm still gonna watch it for Donnie Yen's appearance :P

**PS: Why don't they consider Danny Chan Kwok Kwan instead? Well, at least he LOOKS very alike Bruce Lee. and memang he already acted in a few film as Bruce Lee :P**


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thomas said...

Jay Chow does look like Bruce Lee,
i hope whoever portrays him doesn't end up likes Bruce himself and his son.