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Robin Hood, a legendary figure of robbing the rich and aiding the poor.

Thanks to The Star R.AGE, I get to watch this epic movie in advanced yesterday at TGV 1Utama.Frankly I didn't realised this movie coming till I saw the tweet and all from R.AGE, anyhow seeing it having Russell Crowe in it already gives me much anticipation as he's one of my favourite actor since his marvelous performance in Gladiator & Beautiful Mind.

At personal preference, the movie itself captured my heart the moment I see the ancient castles as well as the landscape of mother nature with the seas and hills... Ah, the serenity... Ok, Bias perhaps but I memang love those old English thingy.

Not realising Cate Blanchett is in the movie, I was surprised & excited to see her on the big screen! LOVE HER!


Instead of a common story of how Robin Hood aids the needy, this is a story of HOW Robin came to be known as Robin Hood. (Didn't know he was called Robin Longstride till now).

Of course every movie has it's villain that at times of poverty & war, of justice & power, there's always people that are willing to betray their king for a reward of power and wealth. Thus this Si Botak comes in...

Watching this movie really brings out the spirit of justice right out of you, you yearn for true English man spirit, humble, brave and loyal. Especially when all the noble fight in unity, defending their homeland despite their dislike to the idiotic moron king. LOVE the scenes when all come together, riding horses across the greenery of hills and jungles...!!

By the end of the movie then only I realised it's 140 minutes long! But then again the tinge of humour here and there in the movie kept me in without even feeling its length.

If you love "Gladiator" or "Kingdom of Heaven" (Credits to Ridley Scott whom is obviously very good at this category of films), you'll definitely love this! Well, even a person as picky as my brother said this is GOOD ~

Personally think it's far better than Iron Man as this is one true legend movie with pure action and not too much of exaggerated CG.

To me, Russell Crowe + Cate Blanchett + Ridley Scott = an epic not to be miss!!

My Rating for this movie is 5/5

**PS: This is the first time I've been in a cinema where all of us were required to switched off our mobile phones, not even silent mode is allowed~ :P Due to some security reasons of we're watching it earlier than US or something…

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nebular said...

I love to see this movie.......gonna to do it when a bit free. Cheers n StayTune