Who Will Win the World Cup?

FIFA World Cup is BACK after 4 years & it's less than a month to go!! As we all know this year FIFA World Cup is in South Africa!!  Have you seen the TVC on Astro with all the players transforming into wild life? That was SO COOL~! Fabulous CG!

Well, personally I'm not a football fan but I've watched the FIFA matches once in a while. It's a 4-years-once event leh, no joke!

But then again seeing the players playing for their own country instead of their various teams such as MU, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc.. (Which I think my knowledge of football teams as just as much as these) is a whole lot fun! You'd see players that normally were opponents playing together as a team to win for their country. That's really all about TEAMWORK man... (of course they're called professional players for a reason..)

*Ok lah I admit I watch more or less for the cute guys :P, just like somebody once said, girls don't like football but they like football players LOL*

From the past history of FIFA World Cup since 1930 (taken from www.topendsports.com):

FIFA historyBrazil & Italy seems to have the highest winning percentage.. So who will be the winner this year?

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