Yesterday after church, and when i was about to go home, i realised my car couldn't start! It was kinda late in the afternoon and most people has gone home.

I was practically stuck in the car park in front of the church! I called my sis whom was still in Subang, yet she said she's on the way for a swim at her friend's place… *orz… swimming is more important than your helpless sis is it?*

Sent a few sms to few friends that might be nearby but no reply...

Called my brother, THANK GOD he's around Subang, and he immediately came to my rescue! He checked and realised the battery has dried up… *sigh... obviously i'm the typical lady driver whom never thought of checking car batteries...*

We went to get some battery water and filled it up it still can't start, we needed a jumper cable which we don't have...

At this point, I have the urge of rambling again so I simply sent another sms to Tai Loong. And THANK GOD I SENT THAT SMS~ Wow, because of his help, he manage to contact few others who were still in church and GOT JUMPER CABLE!!

Weee~ Thank God for my bro, Tai Loong,  Jin Chong, Tony & Kim Eng for rescuing my car ( & me)...

Lesson learnt: Need to start paying attention to the car, man... *and a simple help will really save a person's day~*

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