My Version of Grooming Tips

When talk about “grooming”, most people will relate to “Care for one's personal appearance, hygiene, and clothing” which in short means beauty care!
For girls, there's always another step in which most guys need not worry much is MAKE-UP! And we ALL are well aware of the magic of make up.
Example below:
CNY2010  *yeah I know I should put some effort into making make-up a daily routine*
Anyhow, I'm pretty sure when you LOOK good, you wanna SMELL good too, right?
Imagine when you're out on a movie with a gorgeous looking date, and throughout the show you THINK you smell sweat! *and you have to stuck with that odd smell for the next 2 hours~* At least that's what I've experienced today in the cinema though I went to the show alone, neither one of the person seating beside me is my date. *and I'm not sure whether the smell comes from the stranger guy beside me or the seat I was in*
For now, I can't be 100% sure about LOOKING that gorgeous BUT I can be 100% sure I SMELL good all the time with Adidas Action 3! I got a sample from attending Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers' Launch 2 weeks ago & started using since & I'm LOVING IT!
I bet all the good-looking top bloggers featured in Project Alpha are loving it too~ You wanna see how well the top bloggers groom themselves? See them action live in Project Alpha~!
Here's the Episode 1-3 video of PROJECT ALPHA Season 2~!

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