Eureka is an exclamation used as an interjection to celebrate a discovery, meaning approximately "I have found it".

I first heard this term from Pastor, when he talked about the eureka moments in life. The things you do to give you the inspiration/idea of something. Pastor said, “if you are  getting inspiration by takin shower, then shower more.” Like wise, if you get inspiration more by exercise, then just do it!

But then, everyone's eureka moments are different. Some gets inspiration through sleeping, praying, music, etc. Seriously all these while I THOUGHT my eureka moments were time before sleeping (as I seriously think a lot before I sleep) and through movies (movies make me think of a lot of perspective in life)...

Least did I know my inspiring moments are not just the two mentioned (not that they are very good choices of eureka either). Just now as I was having my lunch, it suddenly came "bang" into my mind... Why am I suddenly thinking about eureka? I suddenly realised my mind was relaxed and the flow just comes when I AM EATING!

omg... So now what? Inspiration through FOOD? Confused I know nice food makes my day but that also means...  fat?

Seriously, what's your eureka moment?


kenwooi said...

i have some good moments, but none of them deserve an eureka! =P

Lean said...

Dropping by and nanged. =)