♨Bakuteh – Pandamaran 封肉

Last week, TL came back from Sabah and he felt like having Klang bakuteh. Thus the rest of the gang agreed and all came to Klang for it.
It was drizzling early in the morning. Such a cool weather for sleep-in, and yet here we are, waking up early just to meet up for breakfast. Haha.. It's ok, ANYTHING for good food & friends, right?
Before 9am, car 1 (me, Elsa  & David) were waiting at the SHELL station BEFORE Batu Tiga toll as being told to meet at 9am. While we wait, we cam-ho a bit... :)
david car david car2_光影_1 david car3 
Later only did we find car 2 mistaken the toll mentioned, and went all the way to Klang toll instead... Thus car 1 rushed to the spot to meet up.
Apparently it's not the first time driver car 2 mistaken the toll... Well, at least he did his best of offering himself as driver though he's not from Klang Valley...
Anyhow, we reached the bakuteh shop in Pandamaran, and ordered our meal.
This is the dry bakuteh aka “Pang Ba”封肉
while this is the typical bakuteh~
Of course, not forgetting to take some photos with the food...
Presenting (upper left) Xynia, the spokeslady for the day~!
(upper right) Ganesan posing with a smiley cupcake from Uhu! Uhu! we got for him along with his early birthday present!
(lower) Obviously these photos were just random shots of happy faces... *Suppose to be 7 of us, left out David*
Then after finishing our food, we sat there and talked about the supernatural events that we heard around... XD
Before leaving, Xynia suggested watching "How To Train Your Dragon" so we head over to Jusco Bukit Tinggi for it... Well, that's another story.
Great breakfast with great buddies :)
If you’re wondering where is this bakuteh, it’s  just around ( opposite ) SJKC Pandamaran B… *Use your GPS to find out, IF you have one*

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