Koala: i want water~

Got this email couple of weeks ago, with pictures attachments.

It's about the hot weather in Australia, at 120 degrees (Fahrenheit, I suppose? which makes it about 49°C). It was so hot that koalas were asking people for water!


One went to a house to try to hide from the heat and to get a bit of shade, thus the owner of the house gave it some water to drink...


Little creatures such as these koalas are shy in nature, and basically yeah, they're lazy and they are kinda afraid of humans. But in the state of desperation to survive, they came begging to us humans... *sob*

I practically was in tears after I saw these pics! What have we human done to earth, what have we done to the animals?

We make our lives more comfortable while exploiting the earth, with the weather changing drastically, we humans still can survive with the air-cond and water supply. But what about the animals?

*Oops… I felt so sad for these little creatures that until NOW only i realised something... Have you noticed?*

*The photos of these little creatures were dated back in 2009!! *

Anyhow, we should our best to do less harm to the environment & pay more attention to animals as well...

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

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