My Dream Destination

I always have this 'thing' for old red bricks houses, castles and all since I was a kid. It's probably I used to read Enid Blyton and all kinda English books while I was a kid. But so far as I've ever been nearest to English homes was those English cottages my family used to go for a short trip up in the Camerons. Yes, Cameron Highlands only... Where we used to burn firewoods at the fireplace in the living room at night. COOL~
Anyhow, when I started reading Harry Potter series which drew me so addicted to it, I start to grew fond of the European country more! Imagine the days where I finish Harry Potter Book 1-4 all in one shot sitting beside the fireplace in the Camerons. COOL~
During my secondary years, my ultimate dream was to studying somewhere in Cambridge, a living history & sanctuary of education. But then life's always go the other way round & I ended up in Shanghai *for God knows why*...
Looking at the pictures my friends have when they go tour around Europe during their student exchange programme in uni seriously rub it in sometimes, yet you still feel amazed of the beauty of the places.
So after the movie Harry Potter came about, with the scenes of Alnwick Castle,
King's Cross Station, Oxford, Fort Williams, etc... Yes I know it's like a lame tourist destination yet I still wanna have a visit some of these places.
Then if I have the money & time, perhaps from England,  I can fly over to Netherlands to visit a friend of mine. :)
I know all dreams are possible, all you need is good planning & preparation… You can get some travelling tips which  RedMommy shared some in this episode of Project Alpha season 2.

So now, the first thing in my travelling planning, I'm gonna be a MAS Traveller! You can also register yourself here..

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kenwooi said...

i wanna go back to UK =(

remsal said...

kenwooi: At east you've been there...