popcorn: Drag me to Hell

Missed this movie on cinema, then heard from Xynia that this movie is pretty good so i searched it out.


It starts with a kinda creepy scene where a boy was literally dragged into hell of fire, through a suddenly parted floor.

The story goes about when a girl, whom work as a bank loan officer was given a choice between helping a poor old lady to extend her loan payment of her home of 30 years, or deny her application and be promoted.

Well, obviously she chose the later and so, the old lady put the most crucial curse on her, for humiliating her in front of the crowd when she begged. And so the curse and revenge begins…


Well I can say this movie is full of lots of really gross scenes… Especially those whatever that may come out from this old gypsy lady…smile_sick Don’t eat while watching this movie, ya~

To my personal view, though the old lady did over react for putting a curse on somebody like tha but the young lady did sendiri cari pasal a bit. The price to pay for being selfish, humiliating people. And still after knowing that she has been curse, she still insist it’s her boss’ fault, not hers. Damn… Some times i really think mat saleh DO have the guts to mess with spirits leh. Macam tak pernah tengok horror films from Thailand.. smile_tongue

This is really a rather good PG-13 movie I’d say… Too bad the cute Justin Long didn’t have too much scenes around. What to do? He’s just the loving and sweet boyfriend mah…

Quite a good show, not too much of those simple bloody scene only macam Final Destination. At least this have different “variety” of yucky stuff.. Haha…

*A friend later introduced a review of looking at this movie in a TOTAL DIFFERENT perspective...http://www.slashfilm.com/2009/06/11/is-drag-me-to-hell-really-about-a-girl-with-an-eating-disorder/

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