Back from Seremban

After spending two days in Seremban, I came home. Didn't do much in Seremban but I did enjoy my time there. Watched some movies, read some interesting book, had great meals & got myself a really really cute mug. Hahaha

Anyway, when I got home today, I realised that the ofer letter from Shanghai Second Medical University has arrived. My good mood kinda dropped a little.... Thinking of having to go through the body check-ups, visa application & leaving Malaysia...!!

After finally to ease my feeling, I've decided to search for some MP3s. After my previous failure dealing with Kazaa, FlashGet & what-so-ever, I almost agve-up on MP3-downloading.... Anyway, Since Bahanee suggested this site, I must as well go & try it out! A new Peer-to-peer network programme.... WinMX! Yay!!! I finally got to download my fav songs!!! Though there's lack of Chinese songs but at least I've got myself some old-time fav such as "At The Beginning","Tell Him", blah blah... I'm soo Happy!!

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