After 'hibernating' for few days, lazy to go down all the way to KL to meet up with some friends.... I finally moved my butt! Just to give some face to the long-time-never-see-friend, Sadesh! Oh, just a brief intro.... He's one of my A-level classmate whom flee to Australis in the middle of the course for engineering!

He's back for the holidays, apparently. Anyway, he asked me to meet up once for Spiderman-2 with some other friends but... Haha, since i'm really is a lazy-bump & I was a little sick back then, I rejected his invitation. Anyway, since he's flying back to Aus this Saturday, Ok... just be nice for once... haha....

Woke up quite early today, which was quite miraculous for days like these.........
Went all the way down to KL with my sister (another miracle!!! Cos I don't normally take her when i'm out to meet my friends).
The few of us went for bowling in Ampang. Anyway, I suck in it... Anyhow, (i'm trying to convince myself....) my sister whom NEVER play bowling before scored higher than me due to beginner's luck..

Aih... never mind lah... Just remind myself not to ever go with amateur & beginners..Haha.... (then who should I go with? that's a good Q....)

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