Tun Mahathir starts his own blog

Yesterday i saw on Dreamer's personal msg:www.chedet.com - Tun M's blog. Due to curiosity, I dropped by to have a look.

As we all know, the government of China has blocked a lot of websites such as blogspot, multiply and all (tetapi demi apa, kena tanya mereka sendiri lah~) so in order to view this, I have to go through proxy.

Che Det
Screen capture of Dr Mahathir's blog taken.The blog received more than 86,000 visitors by 2pm Friday.
In his profile, Dr Mahathir lists himself simply as the "Prime Minister of Malaysia 1981 – 2003". Chedet.com, is named after the pseudonym he used when he wrote articles for the newspapers.
Dr Mahathir wrote that the site was dedicated to publishing his writings as and when he was able to pen his thoughts and opinions. He added that interested parties, including the media, were allowed to reproduce or quote materials published in his site but to credit them to chedet.com.
从小学, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad 一直都是我觉得很值得敬佩的一个人。他那独特的见解、远大的目标、单刀直入却圆滑的谈吐和领袖的魄力,无可否认的,马来西亚在他20多年的领导下迈进了世界的舞台。
还记得当年Tun M痛训马来民族说他们不知长进事件?其实早在1981年他写的一本"The Malay Dilemma"里早已提起这么一个问题了。几年前当我读到这本书的时候,我心里更加的敬佩此大人物了。
在Tun M放下首相的职权的5年里,虽然他已不在政治圈,可在现首相Abdullah Badawi的表现下,我觉得还是会有人会有“如果Tun M还在的话,局面会是怎样呢?”的想法。(从chedet.com的点阅人数就不难明白有多少的人在关注...)
老实说,我心底还是有点同情Badawi的处境,无论他多努力,他也无法达到让人民满意的水准,其中之一的原因他的前人Tun M是个他无法超越的强者。一直都活在Tun M影子下的PM,现在Tun M也开始无法静待观察,通过blog来发表自己的感想了;想必未来的日子,媒体和人民会更加继续以Tun M的见解来质疑Badawi了...
说到底... No matter what happens, I Red heart Malaysia~!!

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