Pathetic connection

My house internet has been DOWN for a few days...
The main confusion is that it shows "Connected, Signal: Very Good" BUT still, the webpage couldn't load at all~!

Well, then after a couple of days, i finally cannot tahan & called up the customer service. And after the conversation, i finally understand why people called them Screamyx as the only main concern of the other side is SERIOUSLY "Have you tried switch off the modem? Switch on again?"... what the... Last time when i see people complaining about this online, i was thinking "That lousy meh?" and now i know SERIOUSLY, it's NO JOKE!

Apparently today the customer service called back to "confirm" there's no problem from their side... *hinting it's either our pc or our router problem, shit...*

Until now, my house internet connection is still down, and i have to come over to my grandma's house (neighbour) to use their W1max...

It's already been a few days... Dunno need how long some more... Pathetic

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