Lately Aunt M was being introduced by her friend to this application on Facebook, called FarmVille. She was so addicted to it, asking me to help her check her crops every now and then when i online.

Anyhow, that's not the point of this story. The point is, it's showing that their generation is hooking up on facebook now, start reading our status and leaving comments, a way of "connecting" to our younger generation.
It's kinda weird to read the comments aunt left at first, but then was used to it after that...

As my aunt was saying, one of her colleagues told her a story about her neighbours and friends all know what is her son doing, what is her son is up to at this moment while her, as the mother is CLUELESS about ANYTHING of the son. Well, maklumlah her son won't be telling her where he go makan with friends, what movie they watch and all one mah...
So it was kinda cultural chock for her to then find out about facebook, about all those status updates from mobile and all, and so forth also thinking maybe can check on her son's status once in a while. Well, that's PROVIDED if her son is smart enough not to add the mother as friend lah... :P

So her the relative part. And so yesterday when my other aunt, Aunt S was asking me to help out with the blog post and all, I sort of asked my cousin "I thought you hang online a lot, takkan you don't know anything about this stuff?"
And so this kinda triggered Aunt M to share this story she hear from her colleague, and suggest that Aunt S join facebook as well... Haha...
Anyhow, perhaps Aunt S isn't those hang on pc type of person so she might think it's a little troublesome so the topic was closed.

Here's the fun part now... TODAY, as i was onlining at my grandma's, as I am still doing so now, both my aunt were here. I saw this status update by my cousin (Aunt S's son) mentioning his trial result --> bad mood --> cut hair short..
I left a comment under his status, then asked Aunt S, "He had a haircut today?"
Well, Aunt say she hasn't go home yet so she's not sure & asked why i asked.
As soon as she finished saying that, my cousin's MSN message popped out asking urgently where am i?
me: i'm at grandma's. Your mum is here... XD
Then he was like shock and quickly ask me NOT to let his mum know his status or else he'll die.

Anyhow, so now Aunt M caught the chance of suggesting Aunt S join facebook... I'm not sure that she's interested but still, I can only say, "GOOD LUCK, couz~" Hahaha...

So what do you think? Would you add your parents as friends in facebook IF they join?


Baby said...

i've got a list of my in-laws in my facebook

cindy said...

both my parents are on FB. -_- I HAVE to add them, cause if not I'll feel guilty. lol. took me 1 month to consider.. haha

sanmin said...

MY dad tried to add me on facebook..... and I'm still considering whether to accept his request.... -____-