movie- Where Got Ghost?

Went to watch 吓到笑 (Where Got Ghost?) with Janessa as she’s extremely free lately. I think this is the second time I watch movie with her, after so many years of cousin konon.. :P

Nearly forgot today is a school holiday, the movie is like PACK~ By the time we bought our tickets, it was like first 5 rows from the screen, omg…

By the time we enter the cinema, I realised the 70% of the audience are KIDS… Talking about “freedom”… (but then hor… I thought kids should watch F-Force rather than this?)

Where Got Ghost - Picture courtesy of Golden Village

Anyway, as the previous few Jack Neo production, tho he’s only co-directing the movie has his humour in it. It was HILARIOUS~! So funny the whole cinema is basically laughing our minds off, well… There was ghost but seriously they are NOT SCARY at all. So it’s literally “Gia Diok Siao” (read it in Hokkian)…

This movie has 3 stories… "Roadside Got Ghost" 《路边有鬼》, "Forest Got Ghost" 《树林有鬼》 and "House Got Ghost" 《家里有鬼》respectively, the movie features local comedians including Mark Lee李国煌, Henry Thia程旭辉, Tay Yin Yin郑盈盈, Wang Lei王雷, John Cheng钟耀南, etc.

Picture courtesy of Golden VillagePicture courtesy of Golden Village 

Well, if you’ve watched Jack Neo’s previous movies like “Money Not Enough 1 & 2”, then you’ll know… Yes, the three brothers… And the ghost at home… Who? You know lah… Haha..

This is a VERY FUNNY MOVIE… I rate it maybe 9/10? ( Haha… Minus the 1 mark for some of the POOR and obviously fake computer effect.. ) Go watch go watch~!! Go laugh laugh a bit…

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