Guess the Character

Just like normal gathering, most of them starts with an ice-breaker. So the other day we had this “Guess the animated character”:-

-There were written slips for you to pick, then after you chose the random slip, it will be stick on your forehead without you looking at it. By now, EVERYONE in the room will be able to see & know the character on your forehead EXCEPT yourself.

-Everyone gets a turn to ask anyone ONE question in a round, and the round goes on..

-The question you ask may only be a “Yes or No” question.

Well, since we were being notified that the characters will be in animation/cartoon category, people who grew up in so many cartoons in my head will have to seriously squeeze the brain juice out of my head to guess a specific one leh… Even Disney alone there’s >100 cartoons, what’s more there’s WB, Pixar & a whole lot variety of animated character?!

Ok, I’m sounding way too serious for an ice-breaker here… Some of the character on the spot were Powerpuff Girl, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman… It seems easy, right?

And so i asked a few questions:

-Is my character a male? (YES)

-Is my character a cartoon?(YES)

-Is my character from Disney? (NO)

-Is my character a superhero? (NO)

-Is my character an animal? (YES)

Could you guess what was the character on my forehead by now? Well, I didn’t get the guess after a few person guessed their character right while the rest of us were considered lost.

Do you have any idea what my character is YET….?I dont know


Introducing our OLD LONG FRIEND….


Yes, BUGS BUNNY... “What’s up DOC ?” Hahaha…

*seriously have pengsan feeling on the spot…*

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