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Went to watch Murderer (starring Aaron Kwok) with Tom yesterday. Before the movie, i read a review of it, saying it was the “one of the most disturbing movie of the year…”, “...i felt totally speechless at the end of the movie” & “Go watch this movie IF AND ONLY IF you’re a big fan of Aaron Kwok bah if not don’t waste your time. Like seriously.”

Well, it sounds like a rather harsh review but still, well… There’s always time when human tends to “fan-jin” 犯贱 & wanna know is this movie really THAT bad? What’s more, there’s the lovely, pretty Chan Chun-Ning 张钧宁 that I LOVE~ So anyhow, I still go to the cinema for it.

First of all, the whole theatre consist ONLY 5 person… Which made me kinda wonder is it not the peak hour (2:30pm on WEDNESDAY) ? Was it because the people now prefer TGV Bkt Tinggi than Bkt Raja? OR because this movie really isn’t that attractive?

AFTER the movie, I could only say, I COULDN’T AGREE MORE with Joshua Ong’s review~!! I’m TOTALLY SPEECHLESS~

Lazy to type so long so quote Joshua a little:

Everything was pretty well done, from the start of the whole mysterious horrifying scene, the various strong characters that were built and shown, to where it shows that every single clue and evidence points that Ling is the murderer in the serial killing cases.

BUT by the middle part of it, things starts to get a little draggy, and the pace is kinda slow with a little bit too much of emo scenes and all… Me and Tom starts to get a little annoyed.

Well, like the usual suspense movie, when all the evidence shows that you’re the killer, most probably the outcome turns out that YOU ARE NOT, or else there’ll be no surprise, right? And so when there’s the VERY TINY LITTLE hint telling you the possibility of another person, I started guessing in my mind already. Well, what else could you do when you’re in the middle of a draggy suspense movie that makes your mind wander anyway…

When I set my target of the ultimate killer, I still doubt it a little cos I was thinking: “Erm… TAKKAN the SAME IDEA of a rare disease will show up in 2 DIFFERENT MOVIES which are SCREENING in cinema at THE SAME TIME?? How LAME COULD THAT BE?” erm… *those who watched Orphan might understand what I'm trying to say*

But then when the ending revealed, SERIOUSLY… It’s REALLY THAT LAME~ & it’s EVEN LAMER than i could have imagined~!! And you couldn’t believe the length of the movie AFTER the killer was revealed. SERIOUSLY you feel like killing Aaron Kwok ON THE SPOT so you can have the ending & leave the cinema!

Aih… REVIEW? SPEECHLESS… No feeling of satisfaction at all after the movie. The ONLY relief is that I watched it on Wednesday, or else I might be so sakit hati over my money, man…

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Anonymous said...

Heard so many bad reviews about the movie. Have a nice day!

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