birthday cake surprise

Went to E1 cell group yesterday, in Glenmarie. Initially planned to join a cell somewhere in Klang, but seems like the cell group nearby are mostly for Highschool / College groups. Well, have to face a fact that i’m not in college category anymore.

Anyhow, since Debbie is there in E1, so i said ok lah…

Well, today Tom shared about healing in the house of God :-

We ALL have a “withered hand”, problems probably in workplace, family, career, etc… NO ONE is excluded from having problems, but there’s always an answer for all the problems, which is God’s HEALING POWER.

God has the power of heal. God can lead & guide us BUT He couldn’t guide IF we ourselves do not step out of our comfort zone. Without stepping forward and stretching out our withered hands, nothing will happen.

Miracle is stepping forward in faith towards a goal, doing what you couldn’t do before.

Simple and nice message…

So after everything, it’s so called FELLOWSHIP TIME~ Haha, what’s a gathering without fellowship, right?

After a while, I thought of going to the washroom, then when i turned at the corner, ei~~~?  Tom was holding a birthday cake wor… He looked a bit shock, while i was thinking whose birthday?!

I thought ok lar, since ppl wanna sing birthday song then i can go toilet later geh, how long could a song take, right? And so I turned back to the living room and when they started singing “Happy Birthday” to me THEN ONLY i realised… Har? My birthday ah?


Hahaha… blur me… I really didn’t expect this coming leh as my birthday past already~ What a birthday cake surprise~! 

*After that when i come think of it, only i realised this is my 1st birthday cake this year wor…* THANKS A LOT peeps~


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