Paranormal Activity


As most horror movie freaks will know, Paranormal Activity is showing soon on cinemas! *Well, yeah i know it's already been showed LONG TIME ago overseas*

Anyway, thanks to NUFFNANG & GSC, I got the chance to watch it earlier today at Tropicana! Decided to watch it with Sam (he later reminded me the last time we've watched preview together was Lord of The Ring 1~ omg... So LONG ago~ Haha)

When I collected the tickets, I was kinda amused by the size of the paper... SO SMALL~!! but it looks VERY CUTE! and the girls gave me a Lemongrass Mint Doublemint (Is it a new product? I'm not sure as I seldom eat chewing gum *but this tastes ain't bad*) and the badge with it...

such a SMALL ticket 

You see what I mean by small? Haha.. *My sis later said: this is to save paper & environment mah~*

Ok... Let's go into the movie:

The movie started without any trailers beforehand. Just started out of the sudden, quietly...

When the paranormal started in the beginning, you might think "ok.. So that's it? What's next?"... You may consider the couple as paranoid. Kinda starts to bore me a little...

But THEN, when the strange activity gets more agressive, the tension starts to build up *and I actually starts to have headache, I think maybe my blood pressure went up :P*

And the near ending, you really can kinda feel the creep a little, and get a slight shock... and it ENDED~ With no credits, no theme song... Just like that!

It's a simple and low-budget (I suppose) movie with only ONE scene set which is the house & only FOUR person throughout the movie!

And guess what? The "creepy thing" never showed~

Haha... If you're VERY weak-hearted, it might not be suitable for you. If you're extremely cynical person, just DON'T walk into this movie, might break the fun of others that watch with you. But then if you just like some little rush of adrenaline + you have patience for documentary-style of movie shooting + you can tahan mild headaches after movie, then maybe it's ain't that bad at all...

Till then. Night!


Melissa said...

I went for the screening too! I think quite a lot of people walked out with a massive headache, probably the shaky camera's fault.haha!

The Joker said...

aiyak! the creepy thing never showed? i tak payah watch already laa like thisss