New beginning

After a pampering month of 4 working days a week, TODAY is the brand new day for working adults, and brand new school semester for school kids~!! No more public holidays till CNY...

♭♪♩  This is the day that the God has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it...♩♪♩ * Ok, don't hit me~! *

Sister has officially started her new job as a teacher as in today, while kiddy officially starts his kindergarten. Kiddo starts his standard 3 as well~ Everyone’s back to school!

Me, as the usual, stayed at home and spent my day reading through Time Traveler's Wife. Been lagging for some time so I just think it's about time to continue with it and starts with a new book after this.

Nothing much happening... Then when aunt came home with a car full of baking ingredients, and I realise it's time for New Year COOKIE baking~ Anyone interested to place some orders? *Price list & photos will be up soon*

Day 4 of 365project:

A masquerade mask  aunt brought back for the kids to play... I guess it's from New Year party..

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